Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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Breez003.jpg (13293 bytes)
Yogi-Breezie-2.jpg (8025 bytes)
Breezie found her forever home with George, Mary and fur buddy, Yogi!!  We are soooo happy!!

Now this is contentment :)

Sadie2.jpg (11726 bytes) Here is a beautiful picture update of our precious rescue, Sadie...loved very much by the Stokes family :)
kira1.jpg (12717 bytes) Kira loves her new home with Delores which includes a new fur buddy to play with.    KahluaKita.gif (22227 bytes) Hi we are Kita and Kaluha!!  We have a wonderful home now with Estelle and Kymn with lots of love and attention so we can be spoiled again :)
smokey02.jpg (12955 bytes) smokeymarychase1.jpg (14743 bytes)This picture hit the front page news!!  Now sweet Smokey is a celebrity just like his doggie dad, Mike!!

Smokey is having a ball with his new mommy and daddy, Heidi and Mike and their son, Chase.  Did someone say play??  Let's go!!  

goliathmary.jpg (12482 bytes) Goliath is loving his new home with Mary and the kids!  Lots of fun and plenty of play time for this furry baby....Woo Hoo!!
Hervey's new family2.jpg (10319 bytes) Harvey is loving his new family, the Stevens, which includes a new fur buddy to play with. bridgetjosephine.jpg (8314 bytes) bridgetmoand2.jpg (9754 bytes)Bridget is one happy puppy!!  She just loves her new family and Josephine is thrilled to be a  doggy mommy again :)

Bridget with her new best buddy, Mowgley!!  Ahhh, this is the life :)

Nellie has found her forever home and is happy. moenancy2.jpg (7157 bytes) What a great pair...Moe and Nancy!!  Moe is loving his new home where he receives undivided attention :)
NikkiKevin.jpg (14671 bytes) NikkiKevin2.jpg (11722 bytes)Wow!! This is love!!  It doesn't get any better than this. 

Nikki just adores Kevin :)

kikosuki.jpg (16059 bytes) Kiko and Suki are just loving their new family!!  
kumabrittney.JPG (8727 bytes) Kuma says put me down because I want to play with my new Akita friend, Pooh Bear!!  Brittney just adores her new special boy. bandit.jpg (8010 bytes) Bandit is loving it up with new mom, Michelle and fur buddy, Nikita. Woo Woo!!
alliebonnie31.jpg (9768 bytes) alli-bud.jpg (8214 bytes)For Allie and Bonnie, it was love at first sight.  Allie is now happy with her new family.

A 2002 update! Allie with her best fur buddy, Sarah.

sammodarlene.jpg (12759 bytes) sammo001.jpg (9745 bytes)Sammo found his forever home with Darlene, Pete and fur sister Keba!!

Did someone say walk?  Well we're all ready to go :)    


Mayek005.jpg (9429 bytes) Our girl Mayako is floating on clouds in her new home.  WooWoo!!  Sonya 003.jpg (9734 bytes) somek003.jpg (8492 bytes)Someko (now Sonya) has found her forever home with Kevin and Aline along with fellow dog companion, Pete!! 

Update picture!!  Sonya is ready for her car ride....let's go!!


fargo02.jpg (9775 bytes) Fargo is happily playing with his new new family.  He loves going for his country walks :) Thanks Martha and Mike for loving this sweet boy.  MissH001.jpg (8748 bytes) Missy (now Hana) is loving her new home with Melissa and furbuddy, Rambo!!  Did someone say let's play??
Maxine2.jpg (10048 bytes) Our precious girl, Maxine  now enjoys the love of Ilene and Mark and the companionship of Samson, her new Akita buddy!! kiro1.jpg (7057 bytes) kiro.jpg (9317 bytes)Kuro has found his forever home thanks to the kindness of our special friend and ARWNY volunteer, Nancy. 

Cagney, who passed over rainbow bridge in June 2000, is looking down on her new family with a smile.  Kuro never had the opportunity to meet sweet Caggers but Nancy shares her fond stories with him in loving memory. 

queeniehome.jpg (12878 bytes)
Queenie has found happiness in her new home.


Nakomi (was Queenie) is all fresh and clean....with a lot less hair :) after a nice bath!!

odie1.JPG (8990 bytes) hero.jpg (8886 bytes)Odie is in pure delight with his new family, Tracey, Jim and their young daughter.  Every day is kisses and belly rubs!! Hero (was Odie) is sooo happy!!
kodi002.jpg (11224 bytes) It was magic for Kodi and Marcie.  Plus he has a new furbuddy, Sumi!! nakitaedlorraine.jpg (13127 bytes) Nakita is in love with her new mom and dad, Lorraine and Ed.  She is living the high life in style. 
bear000021.jpg (9972 bytes) Bear is a very happy puppy with Pat and Sharon!! Tika with her new mom and dad, Janey and Tyrone.  This young girl will be pampered for sure :) 
samson.jpg (11370 bytes) Samson is sooo happy with Ilene and Mark.  Of course, new fur sister, Sadie said, hey, take my picture, not his!!

Sadly, Sadie passed away in early May and will be very much missed by Ilene, Mark and Samson.


bearchris.jpg (16764 bytes)
bearxmas.jpg (12061 bytes)It was love at first sight :)  Bear has found his forever home with Christine.

Bear says Happy Holidays to all!!  He is living the good life for sure.


Big_Bess.jpg (11982 bytes) Nashua2.jpg (9968 bytes)Bear and Nashu are home with their new family.  They will be together forever :)  Thank you, Debbie, for loving these two. jada03121.jpg (10292 bytes) Jada is thrilled with new mom, Julie and dad, Paulo, including her ready made family, Fuji, a male akita, and four fur kitties!! 
Angel and friend1.jpg (12658 bytes)
Angel and friends2.jpg (6631 bytes)
Angel (was Toby) is the black brindle boy :)  He is having a grand time with his fur family and mom Barbara!! tex1.jpg (10094 bytes) Tex is living high with new mom Brenda!!  Let the loving begin!!
osama-jim.jpg (16030 bytes) Osama is home with his new family, Jim, Tracey and their little girl.  He can't wait to give kisses!!

 Sadly, Osama crossed over rainbow bridge but his memory will always live on in our hearts....we love you sweet boy. 4/9/01  


Phoenix1200.JPG (7716 bytes) Phoenixgail1.jpg (9614 bytes)Phoenix says "I love my new mom, Gail.  She's the best!!"

Phoenix says, "Yes I'm always smiling cuz I'm one happy Akita!!"


teddy001.jpg (13151 bytes) Teddy loves his new family complete with two fur sisters and two cats. Woo Woo!! Sasha Heaven 3.jpg (12388 bytes) Sasha has found paradise with new mom, Robin.  She had her first walk on the beach enjoying the salty air and soft sand :) 
Hey, I really like this white stuff!!  Eve (was Boo Boo) is forever happy with Amanda and fur friend, Alpine. Yipee!!  Shelby is now with her new mom, Tami. 
Long brothers and Foxy Lady.jpg (8726 bytes) Foxy Lady is enjoying puppyhood with Brody, Bryan and her new family!! taro2.jpg (17691 bytes)

Taro is safe and warm with his wonderful new family.  This charmer is looking forward to a great life!!

wizard.jpg (6848 bytes)
debbi2.jpg (50239 bytes) Josh (was Wizard) is loved by Keith and Debbi.

Flair and Josh are having lots of fun!!

Angel (was Tinker) is a joy for Frank, Elsa and their family!!
Jazzy008.jpg (118326 bytes)

Jazzy is jumping with joy in her new home..thanks to Charles and Margo and their three children!!

casey1032.jpg (16376 bytes)

Kisha (was Casey) is sooo happy with Bob and Hope and her auntie Barb :)

Lincolneaster.jpg (13849 bytes) Happy Easter everyone!!  Lincoln is living the great life with John and Judy!!   peter1a.jpg (9619 bytes) "You get out of it what you put into it!"  You're so right Scott.  Here's Peter with his new fur buddy, Presto.
meiko117.jpg (13294 bytes) Meiko is living the great life with Julie. Pacin0021.jpg (11675 bytes)

Kuma (was Fallon's Pacino) is finally happy with his new family, Cricket and Chris and doggie friend, Akita!!

Merli001.jpg (39874 bytes)

Merlin is loving it up in his new home with mom, Sandra, and family.



Akitas and snow, the perfect combination!!

carlanakita2.jpg (11908 bytes) carladp.jpg (11418 bytes) Carla is enjoying the sunshine in her new home.

Nakita (was Carla) is smiling from New Mexico!! 

Brunorenee.jpg (9500 bytes)Bruno hugs his new mom, Renee.

Then gets his picture taken with Santa!!

princessjim.jpg (7809 bytes) JimPrincess..jpg (13792 bytes) Princess starting her new life with Jim, Melody and fur buddy, Kita.

Now this is living. Princess shares the holiday with her new family.

chilislash.jpg (13520 bytes) chili2.jpg (10043 bytes) Chili is in love with her new daddy, Hogan. We all are proud of this AKC ACE 2001 Award winner!!!

Update!!  Chili has a new boyfriend...Slash!! Woo Woo!

Rambo.jpg (31285 bytes) amyandrambo.jpg (10276 bytes)Rambo is living the good life with lots of love and affection.

Happiness forever!!

Rocky1.jpeg (16395 bytes) Rocky found his forever home with three loving children. kuma.JPG (10726 bytes) Kuma with his buddy, KoTenshi.  Both loved by Jim & Lisa. 
TashaMedal.jpg (10042 bytes) Tashankids.jpg (110431 bytes)
Tasha is in love with her new family!!

Look, I'm a star!!  I won a silver metal in obedience class.  Now everyone knows I'm smart :)

MoAnn002.jpg (93645 bytes)

Mokie & doesn't get any better than this :)  

With a heavy heart, we morn with Ann on the loss of her beloved Mokie.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

MyTy001.jpg (131825 bytes) Ty and her wonderful new family complete with an Akita buddy! bodasuzanne.jpg (37353 bytes) Boda and Suzanne....happy bliss together.
cheyennehome.jpg (109772 bytes)

Cheyenne and his new Mom!

Sadly, Cheyenne crossed rainbow bridge and will be greatly missed by his family. 

yogicat.jpg (11382 bytes)

Yogi and his special little angel.....time to wipe my nose :)


Yogi and kitty sharing a nice soft bed.  Dina, you certainly are spoiling them :)

Sicily4.jpg (153309 bytes) Savannah is finally home!!  She just loves her new Akita buddy, Gaelin. Sadiefam1.jpg (109102 bytes) The Stokes Family & their new rescue, Sadie!
Jazz's new home.jpg (9439 bytes) Jazz is happy with his new family!! MattTucker.jpg (60274 bytes) Matt & Tucker
MomTucker.jpg (137422 bytes) Mom & Tucker Mika&Rick.jpg (18048 bytes)
Mikashakes.jpg (18714 bytes)
Mikasa & Rick


Mikasa greets Grandpa

Kariena11.JPG (56039 bytes) Kariena is happily ever after!! Apollo was adopted by this wonderful shelter worker :)
Toby11.JPG (15776 bytes) Toby is loving his new home!! arthur1.jpg (10708 bytes)

New family pictures!!  It doesn't get any better than this :)

Jadan1.jpg (177234 bytes) Danielle  (see story) Anita2.jpg (1501423 bytes) Anita
Candy.jpg (15764 bytes)

Candy was one of ARWNY's first rescues.

Here she is today (2001) very much loved by Alex and Laura.  They now live in Florida and are helping Akita rescue!!     


Here's Nala with her new family!   They just love her to pieces already! There were a few
grumblings between Nala and their dog Matagi but Nala simply went to her crate to relax.  She is quite a character.  They went for a long walk with the two dogs and introduced them slowly on neutral territory and also are keeping them separate inside until they adjust. I am sure this is a forever home. We all shared some tears and talked about Inu! But then Nala kissed us and the tears turned to smiles.  

Thanks Nancy and Jeff and Neeley and Matagi for giving this girl the love to help her blossom. Thanks to  my fellow Board member Lynn Benzinger who rode with me and always keeps me sane! Thanks everyone  who helped to get this girl safe and away from the "gentleman" that was stupid enough to let her go!  Thanks mostly to Nala and Inu for brightening our lives and showing us the way!  (After losing two homes through no fault of her own, Nala's guardian angel, Inu, sent Nala where she had been born to live:) 

It was like it was meant to be. It is so eerie!! I posted about our poor rescue girl, Inu, who on Saturday lost her battle with cancer. The family that adopted her in September are like the salt of the earth. They live in a very peaceful part of West Virginia and are just GREAT!!! I only would wish all Akitas were able to be with people like these. 

Well it is eerie because on every day that something happened with Nala -- from the day we picked her up to when she lost both homes to her transport day, etc., it was a day something was happening to Inu. Honestly I think Nala was meant to be Inu's selected angel to be sent to these people. Sure enough -- when we talked after they lost Inu, I mentioned Nala and they agree that Inu sent her for them. They called last night (1/18/00) and she is going to be with them now for what I hope will be a long happy life!  

Inu -- again I miss you horribly but thank you for selecting Nala for this family. 
I  know it sounds crazy but I believe it with all my heart. Oh heck -- I know I am crazy anyway so who cares!!

Walking on air,
Nala  8/01

cagney3.JPG (11117 bytes)

Rest in Peace Sweet Cagney  (?? - 6/00) 

My darling girl died in June. Suddenly, unexpectedly, she was gone.  Cagney graced my life for a mere seven months, yet, because she had entered my life seamlessly, it felt as if she’d always been part of it.  Joyous, affectionate, playful, she was “my girl” from Day One. 
Many of my friends and several family members thought I was crazy for adopting a 10-year-old dog.  “You’re too busy!” “She’s so old! She won’t live long.”  “She may have health problems.”  Yet when I saw her photo under ARWNY’s ‘Urgent Help Needed’ listing, and read her story, I could not ignore her plight.  Cagney’s owner decided she didn’t want a dog any longer, using the excuse of moving to jettison this girl as if she were used furniture.
Flag, my rescue Dalmatian, and I met Cagney early one Saturday.  The three of us returned home after I saw that Cagney and Flag got along.
Images of Caggers are burned in my memory.  Cagney lying on the back porch during the first snow fall, her head and ears capped with snow.  Caggers lying in late afternoon shadows, the white of her coat luminescent against the deep green grass.  Cagney’s tail periscoping around the dining room table, as she walked underneath. 
And I see Cagney asking her boon companion, our Dalmatian Flag, to join in a tug of war, Cagney woo-ing with pleasure and excitement at the prospect of a walk.  I nicknamed her “Miss Yoda” because her ears would move like Yoda’s when I scratched her chest.  She was also my Stevie Wonder dog – she’d rock back & forth like her namesake when she was happy.
Recently I developed a roll of film.  The photos included shots of Cagney and Flag tugging opposite ends of their favorite rope toy.  I took those pictures the day Caggers died.  The fact she was playing the morning of her death is a relief to me.  She was happy and loved until the very  minute of her death.  Her death was relatively easy for her, but not easy for me or for Flag. 
The cracks that remain in my heart are slowly healing.  They bear witness to how fast and deeply my girl and I bonded.  Many thanks to my sister Dori and my dear friend Mary, the only two stalwarts who supported my decision to adopt this wonderful girl.  Even if I known that after seven short, short months my heart would be this badly broken, I would still have adopted her
Cagney changed my life forever. Young dogs find homes.  Old dogs don’t, because they are old, and will “die soon.”  Old dogs deserve the same loving, safe homes as young ones, yet they are rarely adopted.  What people don’t realize is this: Older rescue dogs are grateful to be loved, are very little trouble, and add tremendous joy to their owner’s lives.  I think of how much love Cagney 
gave me, how seamlessly she entered my life, and I know that I will only adopt older dogs in the future.  Yes, I know that my heart will take a bit of a beating every couple of years, but it is, without any doubt, worth it. 
I’d give almost anything to hold my darling Caggers again, to tell her that she will always be in my heart, and will always be my girl.  I think she knows that.

Boy, I could write tons about our Arthur. He was such a scrawny little guy when he first came to us...but what a spirit! Neither my husband or I were sure he was 100% Akita, but now we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever. We were originally told he might mature into a "miniature" Akita because of the abuse and malnutrition he suffered as a pup. Well, love must work miracles, because today our boy is a handsome, tall (28 inches), 95 pound cuddlebug of a dog (well, almost a dog...he’s still very puppy like) who is so strong that even my husband has to play tug with him using both arms. The amazing thing is that I can detect absolutely no psychological residue from Arthur’s horrible past. That boy is fearless, even around large trucks which used to freak him out as a pup. I guess if I were to sum up Arthur’s essence in one word it would be, pure and simple, "delight." He LOVES to play, LOVES people, LOVES his big sister Sachi (another rescue Akita) and just loves life, period. He’s devoted to us and is a wonderful companion. On the other hand I must say quite honestly that Arthur is by FAR the most demanding pet we’ve ever had...and he’s our third Akita (and first boy) so we’re pretty familiar with the demands of the breed. He needs constant, consistent and firm discipline, and a LOT of attention, particularly now in his adolescence!! I honestly can say I was totally unprepared for Arthur because he’s so physically active (he must have been a retriever in a past life....). Nevertheless, both my husband and I absolutely adore our boy and wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve learned to adjust, and believe me it has been worth it, for Arthur brings a very unique kind of joy into our lives that is priceless. I can’t think of many things in life that have given us so much joy as these rescues who literally blossom before our very eyes.   So there you have it. When I get some more pics of Arthur I’ll send some the meantime, take care.

Danielle, affectionately called Miss Fishhook, first came to Akita Rescue in November. She was turned in to a local dog control officer as a stray in need of medical attention.  She was found to have numerous fishhooks embedded in her leg, paw, and mouth.  The dog control officer took her to Dr. Budik who does vet work for this dog control &officer’s area. Dr. Budik also is the vet for the Akita Club of Western New York’s Akita Rescue group. Dr. Budik surgically removed the fishhooks, which in his opinion were intentionally embedded in Danielle.

Danielle’s temperament was so incredible that Akita Rescue knew she needed a very special home. She first went to Mitsko Suzaki of Akita Watch who helped her during her critical recuperation period. Then she went to Eagle Ridge Kennels in Orchard Park, NY.  They help Akita Rescue free of charge and give the utmost care to the dogs in their charge.

After numerous home evaluations, the perfect home was found for sweet Danielle.  She seemed to really love children and thrive in their midst. She also loved other animals — including goats and cats. Danielle was placed with the Huntz family, which already had one male Akita and one Shitzu. They also have two very well behaved and respectful children.

She is doing very well and adjusted quite quickly to her new loving home. The Huntz family is working with Akita Rescue during the transition and is doing everything in their power to give Danielle the special love she so deserves.

Thank you to all who helped Danielle get the loving home she now has.


I'm going to have to fill you in on some background of my family in order for this to make any sense to you.  My oldest brother, Paul, died of AIDS 5 yrs ago. I took care of him. He always wanted me to get into psychics and such, and I poo pooed him. He was a "teacher", and able to lay hands on you and tell you things. I would have none of it.  After he died, my daughter told us she was pregnant. Before we had a chance to tell anyone else, she called with strange news. She said a man came up to her and said "Paul is here. He has seen your son, and says to tell you he is beautiful".  Joseph Paul was born 4 yrs ago, and has continued to surprise us with his knowledge...of everything.  Last night I picked Joe up at a friend's house to bring him to sleep over with me. Kevin was in the yard with Mokie when I drove up with Joe. Before I could stop him, and not wanting to alarm him or the dog, Joe ran to Mokie, put his arms around his neck - received many big kisses from the Mokester - and burying his little head in the big dog's fur, he said, "Mokie - you came home". Joe and Mokie went in the house together as old friends. Joe took a bath, and Mokie waited outside the door (as Joe had to have it closed because he is a bigboy now, and will allow "no peeking".) At bedtime, Joe called Mokie up the stairs, popped into bed, gave him a good night pat, and they went to sleep. Joey on the bed, Mokie on the floor by his side, Aggie, our other furbaby, curled up to Joey.  There was no way I was going to change anything.  Everyone was snoring in a matter of minutes.  This morning Aggie and Mokie took a short walk, and we were rewarded a with a nice solid poop from Mokie. (I had promised to be delicate in my description, but assured him that you would be interested.) Aggie was disgusted.  

We are on the road to becoming a family. When I left for work, the Mokester was sleeping in Ian's room, Aggie was back in my bed, and the cats...well, they were sleeping, but with one eye opened.
Thank you for this special gift.....Ann

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