Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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bear12-4-03.jpg (8798 bytes) Our beloved Bear was adopted by a very special person!  Thank you, Kathy for loving this boy!  He is also having a wonderful time with his new Akita fur buddy, Teila!  Woo hoo, life is grand now!!   THIS SPOT IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! ADOPT AN ARWNY DOG TODAY! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!
Honey (now Zoe) is now sharing the good live with Liz and the family!  She even has a male canine buddy, Ozzy.  Hip, hip, horray for Honey and her new family!! Zoe has a WONDERFUL life now thanks to doggie mom, Marie.  Here is Zoe (left side) with Kyle and 12+ Grizzly.  How handsome they look in their holiday 
picture :)
Wow, another update.  Boy do we like updates :)  Here is Raven having a good time with his new "mom", Alice.  Now, the days couldn't be brighter for them! Aaawww, another update from a very happy family.  Here is Yogi who is dearly loved by Sandy, Michael, Jessica, Bailey and Brenna.  
Princess is now romping happily with Fern and her grandchildren.  Princess is certainly living up to her name....she is treated like  royalty in her new home ;) A wonderful early Xmas present!  Here is Fresco and Steeler with the boys under the Christmas tree.  Shall we all start to sing a Christmas carol?  You can't help but be in the mood :)
12-01-2003  14.JPG (69632 bytes)

Angel (Mary) is just LOVING her new family with Chris and Janet!  And the weather is warmer too :)  As you can see, Mary is right at home....already she is looking for her belly rubs. JericoEd.jpg (13457 bytes) Wow!!  Here is an new update from Ed and Jerico.  How happy are these two!!  
Look at this precious picture!  Here is Siya (aka Lilo) with her new "mom", Erin.  They are doing awesome in obedience class together!!  Let's rock! 10-26-2003  15a.jpg (18612 bytes) Kolby is starting his new, wonderful life under the watchful eyes of John and Barbara, his new doggie parents.  Already, Kolby is looking for his "spot" to relax :)

Another happy update!!  Sonya and Widget love to go camping....woo hoo!!  
Brittany is finally home! Home where there is love and happiness! THANKS to the DeBoer family of Kentucky, she will never again know the cruel hand of an owner! Enjoy!
BridgetKuma8-30-03.jpg (46322 bytes)
Bridget8-30-03.jpg (59206 bytes)
Bridget is having such a fun time with two legged mom, Josephine and four legged buddy, Kuma!  Smile for the pictures :) Ahhhh, puppyhood goes by so fast.  Here is our beloved Ming with her "grandpa".  Both sitting so nice for a picture update!


What could be nicer than a Happy Ending update!  Marcia and Kenji are living it up!!  Woo Hoo!! bruno8-30-03.jpg (145683 bytes)
kimbarunning8-30-03.jpg (105293 bytes)
Here is Brunie and Kimba loving their new lives with Nancy.  Plus they are a wonderful pair together! 

Frescopuppy8-17-03.jpg (16089 bytes)
Our wonderful Fresco is so at home with the puppy, Angie and her family.  They love to play with all the toys (which are all over the house :)  We knew these two were special and now they have a happy home of their own.    Mindy Bear.jpg (9291 bytes)
Mindy Bear and Sierra.jpg (9792 bytes)
Mindy is just loving the kisses from her new addition, Bear.  And Sierra is so happy with a new fur buddy around.  Don't they look like they were always a family together?  Gosh, this is a great happy ending!
Photo  20.JPG (55129 bytes) Bryan drove all the way from North Carolina to adopt our sweet girl Nikki.  It was the perfect happy ending for Nikki who sure had a rough start in life.  Now she's jumping for joy with Bryan, Valerie and family! 08-16-2003   8.JPG (60342 bytes) Jerico is just loving his new dad, Ed.  He is surely being spoiled and treated like a king.  We are soooo happy these two found each other.
08-16-2003  20.JPG (69632 bytes) Oreo is with a special buddy now, Yogi.  Mary and George are doing so much to make her feel at home in her new house.  She's being spoiled already :) Photo  31.JPG (63873 bytes) Winsome and Randolph are loving Isabelle up.  Finally, Isabelle is queen of the castle and she's loving every minute of it!!
Photo  28.JPG (63271 bytes) Otis is loving his new home with the Gros-Jean family.  He sends everyone a double woo woo of happiness!! Zane waited a long time to find a home but when he did, he hit the motherload!! Zane is loving life with new sister, Hedwig, and he thinks mom, Paula, and dad, Tom, are HOT STUFF!!
Jill, Mike, and Grover are enjoying the happiness a loving family can get from each other! It was a long time coming but now they will have a long time together as well! Samantha (right) and Greg (center) opened their hearts and home to our precious Buddy (left)! Buddy needed patella surgery and they helped to rehab him as well. A great home for a great dog! Happiness always!

Kim and Samson are loving the good life with Deidre and Mike who saved them in the knick of time! Now they have nothing but happy days filled with love! WHAT A FAMILY!!! Here are Steve, Dale, and new son Axle! Dale cried when Axle came into the room and I saw a tear in Steve's eye also! Axle came to rescue the day their beloved Midori crossed the bridge -- now tell me you do not believe in fate! We wish you a warm welcome to the ARWNY family and hope for many, many years of happiness for you all.
Here it finally is! Zena, Buddha, and new mom, Dorothy (who's husband is too camera shy to be in the picture)! Zena has settled in beautifully -- like she was always there! Dorothy says it was a dream come true and hopes others want to help a non-puppy because it is so easy! One of the Dr. Peeple's pups raised from birth without a mom -- ARANAMI -- goes home! Her new name is Ming and here she is with dad, Les (a repeat adopter), and his dad! Enjoy many happy years together!

Our precious Nikki is finally in a perfect home where she is loved and treasured. After the horrid puppymill (this is Miss Missouri's daughter), she is beyond happy. She even has a canine brother -- Sam. Bryan and Val -- thanks for giving her this chance! My precious precious boy Yanni went today to his new forever home with Darryl and Vicki and canine sister Kia! My heart is broken -- with sadness for his leaving but also with happiness that he has such a nice family to share the rest of his life with! Do not forget me my love and you will always have a piece of my heart!
Aries32003.jpg (10786 bytes) Aries is soooo happy with his new family, John and Jill.  He is being such a good boy for them.  It was love at first sight! Miss Maya is enjoying the good life again in the happy home of the Chapman's! Thanks Lindsay and Alison for giving her this chance at the life she deserves!

Yes we know!! Lucky is not even close to being an Akita but he is a love none the same. At the last puppymill Lucky was one of the dogs saved and we just could not leave him behind! Lucky is now happy and loving the good life with new mom Laura. He enjoys many friends including Wilbur the pig and Lacy the dog, and cats, and even a human brother! AHHHH -- life is finally good! best thing -- he is here in Buffalo so we get to see Mr. Lucky often! Wonderful Jet is now so happy in her new home with lots of love to share with them!
maryland 4junior.jpg (13049 bytes) Even Junior is dancing a jig of happiness now that he has a loving home to call his own. maryland 4 maddie.jpg (14497 bytes) Maddie is jumping with joy, she's so happy!
maryland 4gateway.jpg (14072 bytes) Gateway is dancing with joy with his new family.  Ahhhh, smell that fresh air! Gateway finished obedience and was awarded the Most Improved Dog ribbon and came in at the top of his class! He is so smart, he even trained his 1.5 year old little girlfriend to drink from his water bowl!
Fival has a playful pose with her new dad (above) and enjoys a game of "king of the mountain" (below)! She is so happy with the Dennis family!
WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE IT!!! Our precious Missouri went to her new home today with Soraya, Jim, and canine brother Turkish! THIS is why we do rescue! Thank you all who helped her and Soraya and Jim for opening your hearts and home to our VERY special girl! AND HERE is Miss Missouri's daughter Nikki! Now she is a happy dog with her new family -- Valerie & Bryan -- and canine brother Sam! She even loves the cats! One happy dog in a great, new, loving home!
My precious love Gilly -- my sweet silly Gilly who I adored -- went to her new family with Ron & Fran! She will be their beloved companion and I am so happy they live very close and I get visitation rights!! Martin and Lee are so happy they just were beaming! Kira picked them and now they all are in love! What a wonderful happy ending for our Kira! From the horrid puppymill to the wonderful home Martin & Lee will provide! ARWNY welcomes you warmly to our family!
And check out this little Akita wannabee -- Miss Dollie!! Dollie is now the adored companion of the Even family and Carol just "loves her to pieces!"
Look at our beloved Cain! He enjoys the companionship of the Hruby family and several cat and dog friends as well! Life is a party now every day!
It doesn't have a happier ending than this one! My precious Ying & Yang are now named Ginger and Coco and living so happily together with their new human child friend "Samantha" who adores them! Thanks Jeff and Cathy for giving them a wonderful home -- even with their vision issues!
Silly little Nikko is so happy with new dad and best bud -- Bennie!! Bennie has a swimming buddy and a constant companion! And Nikko and Bennie graduated with honors in obedience 101!
  Karma is finally at home with loving, patient mom Beth who truly enjoys her humor and enthusiasm!
  AlexA3-2-03.jpg (9327 bytes)
Sadly, Alex (Niko) succumbered to bloat.  He passed away only one week after adoption.  Thankfully he knew happiness for a few days with his new family.
Precious Autumn finds her forever home with The Salerno family!! She is going to become a 4H Obedience Star! Handsome Parker is smitten with his new Longobardi family! All he kept humming was, "I can't take my eyes off of you . . ."
dantehome.jpg (79360 bytes) Our Dante -- now known as Diablo -- is home already! What a true match made in heaven. He adores his new parents Paula and Dave and his sister -- Madison the Golden Retriever! buddykids.jpg (60533 bytes)
buddyhome.jpg (67856 bytes)
We were so happy to find this wonderful family for our Buddy! The Clymer's are the best -- a loving, respectful home. But little Josh (top center) was truly our inspiration. He was just what Buddy needed and you know -- I would adopt Josh myself! Long life and happiness to our newest ARWNY members!
ike.jpg (513773 bytes)
kayla.jpg (687379 bytes)
We LOVE new photos! Look at our Ike (top) and Kayla (bottom). Mr. John Crawford does not believe in spoiling his new friends! Yeah --  right! Mar and Titus.jpg (101209 bytes) OH MY look at our little Eagle! He is now called Titus and all grown up! here he is with mom Marion enjoying his first Holiday!
phoenix.jpg (177765 bytes) Jennifer, Dinah, and our beloved phoenix were a match made in heaven! As Dinah said, Phoenix was meant to be with them! Instant success and we hope for a long life filled with happiness forever. molly.jpg (69745 bytes)
maddie&mollie.jpg (37852 bytes)
Molly (AKA Little Nan and Naughty) found her true love with Joy! Now she lives in a house, is cared for and even has a little girl that loves to adorn her with stickers! This truly is a happy ending!

UPDATE: Sadly Molly lost her life unexpectedly due to surgery complications and cancer. Rest in peace my love!
georgewedding.JPG (82760 bytes)
marywedding2.jpg (36615 bytes)

UPDATE:  REST IN PEACE OUR BELOVED BREEZIE! Sadly, just last week (4/24) Breezie died peacefully from heart failure. We know how hard this is on Mary and George but thank them for showing Breezie what true love and happiness really is. God's speed our little friend -- until we meet across the bridge!

Congratulations to Mary and George Letourneau! These wonderful adopters drove all the way from Massachusetts to get their little Breezie (fostered by Lynny Benzinger)! Breezie was one of 8 dogs we pulled from a horrid Ithaca puppymill, Mary and George saw her true beauty and took Breezie home to live with her male friend Yogi and the many cats! When the day came for Mary and George to exchange vows, well who better to be the bridesmaid and best dog but ARWNY's own BREEZIE!  This is what a happy ending is all about!



My handsome Boda flew all the way from the east coast to Colorado and his mom Suzanne and best pooch bud -- Ayla -- are soooo happy he joined them!
mep&snow.jpg (17525 bytes) WOW! Our first "puppymill" cat placement is a success! Here are Donna, Paige and their newest friend, "Snowflake!"  KJ with Paul at adoption.jpg (441707 bytes) This one is amazing! Kinjo -- one of the horrid puppymill dogs recently rescued -- finds true love and happiness for the first time ever with his new dad Paul! This placement is indeed a special one and makes my holidays really happy! Mona, my friend -- this one is for you!
max & sadie.jpg (100300 bytes) WOW! Two ARWNY beauties -- Sadie and Max -- are living happily ever after with the Feltmans! taylor & alysha.jpg (94168 bytes) AHHH what a holiday card this makes! Taylor and her new best fur buddy Alysha are happy and enjoying each other with the rest of the Stark's family.
maizievic2.jpg (102789 bytes) Maizie dreams sweet, loving dreams of her beloved Victor who finally gave her the permanent, loving home she craved -- all the way in Traverse Bay, Manitoba! gaelintsuki.jpg (201749 bytes) Look at our Gaelin and Tsuki now! They are thriving under the loving care of Julie and Greg!
princess3.jpg (12959 bytes) Princess is so happy with her adopted foster Mom, Mona!!  Thanks for being so wonderful to her.  tashareeta.jpg (82578 bytes) TASHA (AKA Reeta) CGC, TD
This is a special happy ending! Reeta was near death at 1.5 years when we got her. Diagnosed finally with pancreatic enzyme deficiency, she thrived under her beloved foster mom's care -- Deb Parcel. Then finally along came her very own angels -- Regina and Bill who adopted her and she them and it is true love. This one Deb, is for you!
nickalvicki.jpg (17199 bytes) Nick is loving his new home with Al & Vicki. They certainly do spoil him!!


fozzybobhope.jpg (7166 bytes) A gentle pat and a loving smile shares a very special home with Fozzy.  He also has a fur buddy, Kiesha, too.
pups11-3-02.jpg (12464 bytes) These puppies have a new, exciting life because of you :)  A BIG thanks to Keith, Ken, Rhonda, Cecille, and  Michelle. Hasadojuliepaulo.jpg (14723 bytes) Hasado (now Yoshi) is having a blast with Julie, Paulo and fur- friend, Jada.
melindasbear.jpg (47336 bytes) Bear is having a great time with Melinda, Marc, and Sierra!! Angel is enjoying a slice of heaven with Jennifer.
bridgit and kuma.jpg (550041 bytes) Bridget is soooo happy with Josephine and her new family. She even loves her 9 month old male canine companion Kuma!! buster.jpg (45806 bytes) Buster is overjoyed with his new family -- the Lesperance family!!
  rico.jpg (32412 bytes) Rico -- his mom Cecille and dad Troy came a long way to get him but it was worth it! He just was viewed in the ACA Nationals parade of Rescues. Hanna.JPG (34814 bytes) Hanna is very happy with new dad, Paul!!
scoobyshodie.jpg (14511 bytes) Scooby is growing just fine under Shodie's watchful eyes! 5monthpupeagle.jpg (11736 bytes) Eagle is soaring with glee!
milo1.jpg (160426 bytes) AHHHH, finally! Milo found Mary who treasures him -- it was love at first sight! Otis 8-2-02_Think Snow.JPG (96988 bytes) Otis is so happy he found Wendy!!
shelly101402.jpg (11477 bytes) Shelly is being spoiled by her adoptive mom, Michelle!!   
emmylou.jpg (120705 bytes)
UPDATES: AHHH we love updates! Look at our Miss Molly and daddy Mike! Isn't she happy (but on the bed -- bad girl!! LOL)

Our Little Emmy Lou (now called Molly) has found her forever, loving home with Michael and Siobhan! YIPPEE for us -- she is only a few miles away so we get to see her often!

ramius11-7-4-02.jpg (56206 bytes) Dorothy adores her Ramius and wishes everyone would give the older dogs a chance! She says you won't be sorry! 02062yoshi.jpg (9256 bytes)

Champ (now Yoshi) is loving his new home with foster dad, Dan!!

nara005.jpg (64919 bytes) Nara (now Max) loves his new mom Linda and his ARWNY adopted sister, Sadie! krystal.jpg (132818 bytes)
harmony 3 (2).JPG (52212 bytes)
New photos of Krystal and mom Karen! Luckily John brings them to visit me often! The world adores Krystal. And now she even loves cats!
nashu and bear.jpg (17505 bytes) Update! Nashu and Bear enjoy the good life and lots of love from Debbie and the family! cain.jpg (53928 bytes) Cain is happy again sharing his world with Rob and the family!
Bonsai on bed.jpg (271388 bytes) Update! Bonsai FINALLY found the right loving home with James, Karen and their children. Now she sleeps inside and even has her own bed! SEBASTIAN.jpg (10684 bytes) Sebastian loves Barbara and their bond will never be separated!
buddy.jpg (93818 bytes) Buddy shares his loving home now with Dryden -- who shares his juicy cup -- and his mom Corrie! shelbytalbot.jpg (49030 bytes) Shelby enjoys her new home with Bob. The world can never have enough toys and Bob promised Shelby would always have her fill!
Reeta101402.jpg (11099 bytes) Reeta (now Tasha) found true peace and happiness with Regina! They had a spiritual bond that drew them together. Tasha earned her CGC at the ARWNY Fun Match. keesha.jpg (183624 bytes) Keesha found relief from the horrid life she had before with her new mom! She would not trust men but adored her mom and Uncle Rambo -- also an ARWNY happy ending!
tex1.jpg (37538 bytes) Tex is now the love of Brenda's life and a happy dog! We love updates -- look at Tex now! Whittaker3.JPG (227984 bytes) Whittaker waited and waited for the right home and found it with his new dad Charles! Now life is a ball and he enjoys his daily walks along the beach!
sadie&triplets2.jpg (391236 bytes) Sadie finally finds the permanent, loving home she craves! Life is now bliss for her and her triplet children!    
kimbabrunie2.jpg (135001 bytes) Kimba and Bruno -- proudly owned and loved by Nancy and Garrett and Keith and Jill -- they believed in a family adopting together stays together! thehappyzeus.jpg (63460 bytes) Zeus (now Ares) is loved by Roula and Fadi and he adores his baby sister Guerra! Kathy and Nancy still want to be adopted as well and live in St. Maarteen!
jewelramcess.jpg (10561 bytes) Jewel is loving her new life with Ramcess.  She truly has found her treasured home. kiawah1.jpg (11016 bytes) Kiawah (now Koun) is so very happy with his new mom and dad!!
annamichelle1.jpg (10655 bytes)
anna at home.jpg (9157 bytes)
Anna can't wait to go to her new home.  So hurry up and take the picture so we can hit the road!!  


Michelle and Jeremy are loving every minute with Anna.  So many toys and so little time :)  Woo Hoo!! 

Sonya 003.jpg (9734 bytes)
Sonya 0011.jpg (6619 bytes)
Another happy update!!  Stunning Sonya (was Someko). 


 Ahhhh, this is the life!!

kiesha.jpg (7744 bytes)
kiesha1.jpg (4547 bytes)
Update!!  Our sweet Casey (now Kiesha) is growing up fast. 

Thank you!! Bob and Hope for loving this beautiful girl.   

krystal kisses mom.jpg (9784 bytes)
john karen krystal.jpg (10711 bytes)
Krystal gives a kiss to new mom, Karen.  In rescue, the blue ribbon is a loving family.  Here is Krystal with her new family, John and Karen.
jack_akita.jpg (10358 bytes) Jack is howling happy with his new family!! shelbybeau.jpg (11932 bytes) Shelby and Beau are living high on love with Christi and Mark!!
bonsai at van.jpg (12306 bytes) Bonsai is blossoming under the loving care of her family, Jim, Karen, Kelly and Ryan.

You know, a dignified Akita can never have enough toys!! 

murphyobedclass.jpg (8155 bytes)
Alamo.jpg (6875 bytes)
Moving to the head of the class!!  Here is sweet Murphy, a proud graduate of puppy class...Woo Hoo!!

Can a doggy face be any sweeter :)

Shaker11-3.jpg (11811 bytes) Red just adores his new girl, Shaker.  Please read the beautiful poem he wrote for her.  For Shaker Kiko@8wks.jpg (8902 bytes)
Kiko@18wks.jpg (16836 bytes)
Gee, they grow up so fast.  Here is Kiko the day she was adopted and then 10 weeks later.  What a beauty and best of all she is dearly loved by Ed.
keena.jpg (7842 bytes) Keena and Tracy...a wonderful happy ending story. caspermichelle.jpg (10642 bytes) Sweet Cassie (Casper) is on cloud nine with her new family, Michelle and Rick and Max the cat :) 
We love updates :)  Here is our sweet Arthur.  Little Hannah certainly enjoys her two fur buddies, Sachi and Arthur. cookieandre1.jpg (8541 bytes) Cookie loves her new dad, Andre.  They go for lots of walks and she gets to be spoiled by the the whole family :)

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