Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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UPDATE: Angel could not be happier or more loved than with the Brown family! THANK YOU for putting that love and happiness inside her! THIS SPOT IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! ADOPT AN ARWNY DOG TODAY! YOU WON'T BE SORRY! ALREADY 61 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2008!! 68 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2007!! 88 DOGS IN 2006!! 93 in 2005!!!
Miss Kayla is loving her new home with Patti and TWO cats! She has found a wonderful, happy home where she will want for nothing the rest of her days! And look at all the gifts under the tree for her!! Well yes Santa came for Miss Chessie who will be enjoying the love of Jackie and Ken for the rest of her life!! Look at that smile! ARWNY could not be happier for everyone!
Well looky here -- Phyllis just adored her Ringo!! She took one look and knew she needed him and him her and it has been a blissful fairy tale ever since!! Mr. Harley 2 went to his new loving home with Jackie and Larry! And he already ahs his first training session! Many happy days are ahead for all!
Misha has found a loving home with Teresa who will always treasure her for the gift she is! Alexie found forever love with a wonderful, warm family in Olivia, Brian, Dianna, and Matt! A dog as special as she deserves a family as special as this!! ENJOY!
Jazz is happy again in the loving arms of Susan!! Happy days are here again for both! Little Miss Tori is truly in heaven with Bob! A better match could not have been found! Bob knows Lady and Joyce sent her to him!
Well happy days are here again for Sachi and Tomo who meet their new dad Jason and his parents Dennis and Nancy! Yes Grandma and grandpa insisted on coming to meet the new grandkids! It truly is a family affair with much happiness to await all! Benny thought he could never love again after his mom passed away! But luckily Irene found Benny and now his heart is singing again! He also loves his human sister who flew in from Florida just to meet him! What a wonderful family!
Well foster mom Deb could not part with sweet Baloo who has been renamed Mabel because she is just so sweet! Mabel and Deb will know the best times of Mabel's life! Thank you Deb for opening your heart to a senior! Dale is loving new dad Paul!! It was a long time coming, but they finally found each other and have years of happiness ahead!
Update: Look at Ruby (AKA Mayako) NOW!! Here she is proudly displaying her new obedience certificate with her dad Jesse! This is truly a remarkable effort by a dedicated, wonderful owner! Jesse and Lina are just what Ruby needed! Update: WOW and another remarkable achievement! Here is Cecille with our wonderful Rico proudly displaying his Therapy Dog accomplishment! What a great thing and kudos to another great family and dog!
Update: WOO HOO look at Mika! Life with Mary Ellen sure is good! Mika has bonded and enjoys the wonderful life she has now -- Westminster is nothing compared to this home! Update: Look at our fabulous boy Merlin all grown up and HAPPY!! Merlin just celebrated his 4th anniversary with the wonderful Kramer family that came all the way from Washington State to get him!
Little Tuffy adored her new life with mom Christine and dad Cary! What an adventure! John and Renee found the right match with Rocky!! It was a magical meeting that formed a forever bond filled with love!
Update: Kimba and Nancy are having a wonderful time together!!  I don't think you can get more relaxed than Kimba is for this picture.  Can someone say "nap"? FINALLY our Precious finds her loving, permanent home with Bryan and Cindy!! She knew the right home would come and it sure did!
Our happy Yoarashi is finally home with his wonderful adopters Valerie and Louis in NJ! He will never have to worry about where he is sleeping again - he is home for sure! One big happy family!! That describes this happy ending -- Troy and Janine adopted both Sahara and Oliver so each had their own dog!! WOO HOO! What a wonderful ending for this family!
Update: Zena is loving every minute of life now in the caring arms of Dorothy.  See I can sit for a treat...I just need the right motivation :) Update: Here is Brunie and Dad together.  Brunie is growing into a BIG boy!  But he is still the lovable, silly willy, playful youngster we remember :)
Now the man in Fonda's life, Teddy is taking care of her in the "BIG APPLE"!!  "I'm ready for my exciting city walk......can we go now, please?" The Leale Family cannot say enough good things about their new little girl!! She has been renamed from Kiki to SERENDIPITY and called SERENE for short -- because that is what she is, a serene puppy!
Her foster family just could not let her go, so Jim, Soraya & Turkish have welcomed Mitsu permanently into their lives!! We think Missouri sent Mitsu to them to ease their grief over her passing over the Rainbow
Adopted by Carlos & Kelly, renamed KENJI meaning "SECOND SON" since
he is their second male Akita!  Happily living now in Seaford, NY and learning to love the cat slowly but surely!
Miss Luna is enjoying her new loving, permanent home with her new best friends -- Tyler (center) and Casey (right). Thank you Twichell's for giving her a chance at such happiness! Scooby now called Rowdy is having a grand time with Karen and Tom.   We know "spoiled" is on the horizon but with a face like his, how can you resist :)  High five Karen!!   Rowdy is a very lucky boy to have found you.
Update: Wow, another beautiful update picture!  This is our sweet girl, Nikki who is the daughter of beloved rescue (may she rest in peace), Missouri.  Nikki is being loved a bunch by Bryan and Valerie.   Yippee!!  Honey is now sharing a home with new adoptive parent, Benjamin.  She is just a shower of kisses to him.  This pair looks wonderful together!! 
Well -- didn't take big brother Bruno (a former ARWNY rescue) to fall for little sister Ava! Lucky for Ava she found a permanent family that adores her and she is safe and happy with the Bade family! Update: Look how handsome Rico is all grown up!  Here he is enjoying a beautiful day with Troy.  Moments like this are the best!!
Update: Now, this is contentment!!  Nikita is loving her life with Kathy and hubby....."so many toys and they spoil me too!  They even let me lie on the front room couch so I can look out the window easier :)  I couldn't ask for a better family."   Woo hoo!!  Pipa is enjoying her new life with Ned and Lauri! It is as if she lived here her whole life with them!!
Update: Wow!!  A super update from Ilene and is their loving fur crew, Sammy and Sasha! Black Bear is enjoying the company of adopters, Gene and Carol!  Woo Hoo!!  See how I can sit for a treat? 
Sasha will continue to enjoy her senior years with foster mom, Jackie.  Jackie said she fits like she has lived there forever.  Sasha has a great time playing with the other fur buddies and being Jackie's constant companion :)   Our smiling girl, Luna is dancing a new happy dance today.  She will be big time spoiled by adopters Terry and Eric.  Our sweet girl is now starting a new life of her own.  Yippee, Luna!!  
Yahoo!  Kodiak has a new family now!!  Thanks Eva for loving this boy as much as we do.  Everyone was crying tears of joy as they said goodbye to Kodiak as he started his journey of a new life. Snowball/Aspen and now PEARL, is so happy!!  She has a wonderful home to call her own with kitty buddies and new mom, Ingrid!  Can everyone say Woo Hoo for this great gal!!
Yippee!! for White Bear.  Mike and Leslie really appreciated this boy's handsome qualities. And White Bear certainly appreciated Mike and Leslie!!  Already Bear is behaving like the good dog we know he can be. Woo Hoo!!  What a wonderful match!! Our wonderful Lego is now fortunate enough to share his life with firefighter, Hugh!!  Can someone howl at the sirens??  Akitas are too quiet to do that, you know :)
Update: Here is our handsome Kolby sitting by his best bud, John.  Kolby is having a grand time being the king of the household!  Is it time for dinner yet? Update: Wow!  Another update, thanks Kathleen!!  Now is this a picture to make you smile!  I know it sure did for me.  Glad to see everyone enjoying themselves....Woo Hoo!!
Wilson is being loved lots by his new mom, Dot and his four legged buddy!! Update: Woo Hoo!  Okay you have our attention....what's going on??  What a nice update from the Lantz family......Neeley, Nancy, Jeff, Matagi, Nyla, Kitty, and Tom. :)
Update: Here is our sweet Oreo making eyes at her now best bud, Yogie :)  Thanks Mary and George for keeping the faith.   Update: from Laurie on Jade who is all grown up now :)  What a sweetheart!
Nikos 0204rev.jpg (39818 bytes) Woo Hoo Nikos!!  He is now a loved member of the Guimond family.  Did someone say puppy kindergarten :)!! Hunter in now a beloved  far baby of Noreen and her family.  Whew, Hunter said it was a long drive to Pittsburgh, but certainly worth the trip!!
Nikita is jumping for joy with her great family!!  Can someone say "toys"?  Nikita is already very fond of her new carrot toy :)  If you listen carefully, you can hear her squeaking it now....LOL. Zeus1.jpg (12601 bytes) Update: This is Zeus we sent all the way to St. Marten Island and he is loving the good life!
Bruno will be enjoying the good life in rural Maine along with mom Sabra and dad Robert!! He is so excited to have a fully fenced in 1 acre play-yard and his own 83 acres preserve to go for long leash walks with mom and dad!! The inside to cuddle by the fire! AHH life is indeed good!
Bear is having a wonderful time with his new family!! Thanks Kathleen for loving this boy :)
Allie now Teddi is loving life with her new canine brother and Sharon and Mark! Life is finally good again!! Grizzly graduated from the college life and now shares a new home with Tina, Sheldon and their family!! This is one happy home for everyone involved!! Grizz loves to babysit Caleb!
Queen.jpg (8078 bytes) queen2.jpg (9593 bytes) Queen is finally receiving the royal treatment thanks to her new family :)  She is sooo happy to be loved by Paul and Pat and to have a fur companion to buddy with too!! Jesse, Lina, and Mayako found true love! We are so happy that for her first time, she will know a happy family life with two wonderful people! Welcome to the ARWNY family!
Hoshi0104.jpg (8674 bytes) Hoshi will grow up right thanks to the vigilance of Angela, Jeff and family. Boy, does this picture show happiness!!  Angela and Jeff drove all the way from MA to pickup our special boy :) Keiko 1203.jpg (9330 bytes) Wow, Keiko has a whole family to love now.  Plus a female bullmastiff to pal around with too.  Thanks AnnMarie and family for loving our boy!

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