Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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UPDATE: Here is our precious Kassie (formerly Diva) enjoying her new home with the Chins! She was a perfect addition! THIS SPOT IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! ADOPT AN ARWNY DOG TODAY! YOU WON'T BE SORRY! ALREADY 61 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2008!! 68 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2007!! 88 DOGS IN 2006!! 93 in 2005!!!
UPDATE: Our special miss "T" just loves her life with Roy and Peg! This one warms our hearts -- Miss T was the longest dog ever to stay in our rescue! UPDATE: AND WHAT IS THIS??? yes that is our special pup Tori who is loving her life with Bob and Tigger! She is part Basenji and enjoys herding trials in her spare time!
UPDATE: And Magic dreams of his loving home with Sandy and no longer even remembers the horrid puppymill he called home for so long. UPDATE: Polar was one of the Lorber dogs who is now very happy with the Dixon's and animal friends Angel, destiny, and Romeo!
Ivory is so happy to have a home again for the holidays! Here she is going home with new mom Amanda and dad, Sean! UPDATE: Here is our silly Luna Tuna all grown up and happy with the Twichell family.
THE ARWNY HEARTS ARE WARM TODAY!!!! Look who got a FABULOUS home -- our own SAKE (now called Nicholas II)! Thank you Melanie and Michael for loving our special boy! What a happy holiday for Jill, Ron and our special Sweetie who found a home of her own! And people say their is no Santa!! Aunt Nancy sure misses her but we are so happy she has a special home for the holidays!
The Hoffman family is amazing ! They did not just adopt one of our rescues -- they took two! A big thank you to the Hoffmans for opening their heart and home to our wonderful Smokey and Dynamite. Santa said he has extra presents coming your way! Ho Ho Ho.!!! A match made by the elves! Sharon came with one dog in mind and left with Justus! Like we say -- you pick each other and pictures are just a starting point! Many years of happiness to you both!
This family is a perfect match!! Our pup Argus even looks like new big sister CeeCee! Looks like CeeCee has some training  to do..LOL! Happy Holidays Joann, Lianna, CeeCee and Argus! The McLean family is all smiles here! With their new boy Napoleon, I was told Kuma will be his personal trainer!
The Mikesell Family has a new  addition! Here is Matt & DQ...the  newest Steelers Fan! The proud new parents ready to take Sugar home to meet her big  brother Anthony (the couple's first born Akita). We wish the family a Happy Holiday!
The Fitzgerald family and their new edition Dottie!!! Looks like  Danielle has a new best friend! There is nothing more precious than to see a handsome boy holding his new puppy -- our beloved Cookie! Best Wishes to the Carlton Family , Tobie and Casey!
UPDATE: Here's Rico with one of his Reading Rover students.  He participated in the local public school's Reading Rover program at an elementary school. The program is to help kids at risk with their reading skills and comprehension. UPDATE: Little Aidan is shown in this picture with Cobi (Boromir) in the front and Lucy (Saira) in the back.  The Karfs family could not be happier and it looks like Cobi and Lucy couldn't be either!!
The saying is "Love at first sight!!" well I could not ask for a better indicator! Happy days always Tabbi and Joe! What a match! Roka is home and happy in Delaware with his new dad Mark. Big Mark-Big Roka -- happy together!
Marty finally found the home he has waited so patiently for!! Ingrid  could not be happier and Marty just danced for joy! Many happy years you two! Tammy is so happy to find the Savage family! She felt an instant bond as did they and cannot wait to play with her new canine brother as well! Happy days my beloved!
UPDATE: And look at the happiness here! Cassidy was shot and left for dead when she came to rescue. Now she is enjoying the good life! UPDATE: And look at our regal Smokey now! Well he too is enjoying a wonderful home with the Eakin's! Toys anyone??
Autumn could not be happier with new mom Kim!! They are a match made in heaven and enjoy their new life together! UPDATE: Well look at Rowdy (aka Scooby)!! WOW what a beauty  and Steve, Karen, and Rowdy could not be happier. In Karen's words, "...he is the sweetest thing since day 1. Nobody can believe he was a rescue."
Pepper is happy as can be to have a new family! She went with the Lawson family and all are just beaming!! What a wonderful day! UPDATE: The Korens sent a new picture of Gandalph (now called Ace) as he is growing up!! What a cutie!! He really is the greatest!
KITA waited a long time for her special family to come and now she and Nicole and the family are thrilled to find each other. Many happy days are to come!! Max is happier than happy and so are we!! He waited and waited for the perfect match and it was Linda and Carmen. And Max feels the wait was worth it for he found his heaven on earth!!
Dansei is head over heels in love with his new family. The Graves are also dancing with delight!! What a match made from above! Sweet life to all! UPDATE: Here is our precious Phoenix -- now called Phinny -- with her beloved Jennifer! She has found her dream home and adores life now with Dinah and Jennifer. What a great happy ending!!
UPDATE: Keeduh is happy as anything with the Pike family! Here he is with dad, Sara, and Matt! Now he also shares his life with canine sister Arwen -- also an ARWNY rescue!! Seiya is happy again and loving her new life with Edith and Stan!! And they cannot be happier to have this wonderful, sweet girl. Happiness for all!!
Erin is now a happy California girl enjoying her new fabulous home with John and Karen! OOPS surf's up -- gotta go! UPDATE: FINALLY we have new pictures of our special girl Shimmy/Sine!! She went to live with Eric, Marshall, and Ann and could not be more loved for the wonderful girl she is!! They have affectionately renamed her -- Shimmy-San! What a wonderful, happy ending for a very special dog to us at ARWNY!
Genevieve (now called Heidi) couldn't be luckier or happier! She now shares her life with ARWNY's beloved friend Jackie!! Many happy years ahead for all! Little Nakita is dancing for joy with new daddy Aaron! This match was just perfect!
Macy is in love with her new Metzgar family! It was love at first site with the 3 children and her new canine boxer friend! One can only wish for such a happy ending! Well why not adopt a pair!! That is what Scott and Joann decided -- Scott found Lady and Joann found Oso and it was love all around! WOW this truly is the happiest for all!
UPDATE: Bear is doing well with his wonderful adopters -- the Monk family of Bear, DE who use Dr. Bear as their vet!  It's a "bearry" happy ending! BEAR is just head over heels in love with his new Benner family! And what a match -- truly made in heaven above!
Arwen says lets get going! She is most excited about sharing her home with the Pikes! Gandalph is so thrilled with the Korens who said he was a one in a million and they could NOT believe how lucky they were to get him!
Jolee said she waited a long time for the right companion and today she found what she wanted! Taurnil is pretty excited as well! Faramir is delighted with new mom Magdelena!
Hearts were mended for many when Chuck and DeeDee and Bangles Bear became a home! What a wonderful match for all ! But with their adoption, the awful saga of the Ithaca puppymill has ended. DeeDee and Bangles Bear were the last two from that puppymill closedown to be adopted! I am so happy to see the smiles on all those dogs faces when they finally found love and happiness. Diva is jumping for joy and true happiness! She went to a wonderful home with the Chin family and all could not be happier! Just look at those precious smiles!
Shawnasie cannot be happier and neither can Mary and her family! This was a match made in heaven!! UPDATE: Fresh from California, here is our beloved Krystal -- one of the Ithaca puppymill dogs -- enjoying a nice walk with loving mom Karen and dad John (behind the camera)! Looking good for an 11 year old who just had major surgery!!
Monty (now called Sabre) left with Cheryl and her children to live his life surrounded with love and activity supplied free with his three brothers (Hawken on left, Hurricane Cole, and Talon not in picture)! and canine sister! They call him a gift from God and could not ask for a nicer dog! Joker is jumping for joy at joining Christine and Cary in their wonderful, loving home! And our own Tuffy gets to be his canine sister! Happy days are back!!
Tammy left for her new home with Nick and Mina but she will never leave our hearts. This special girl touched us all -- but so did the love of this special family for her! Happiest of lives! 03-26-2005   1.JPG (73728 bytes) Titaan, now Salcha, found his true soulmate with Iris! Theirs is a bond that cannot be broken!
Grace found her one in a million family with Mike and Deidre! You could see her eyes telling us thank you as she left and her face was sure smiling! Bear is now living the good life in BEAR, DE -- how funny is that? And his new vet also owns Akitas!!  So Michael and Marie his new parents are happy, Bear is happy, and Dr. Berg of Bear, DE is happy -- Akitas all around!!!
My year is complete! My beloved Sassy waited 2 years before I could pull her from the puppymill she lived in for 8 long years! Luckily Susan and her canine brother Jazz, also an ARWNY dog, were a match sent from above! I wish nothing but happiness forever for them all. Orchid is loving life again with Rosemary and Ed! With tears in their eyes, they showed us just how special they felt Orchid is and all were so happy to be together!
Paul, Lisa, and their family are so happy to have little Diamond join in their home! The sparkle in all their eyes was unbelievable! 03-26-2005   5.JPG (70656 bytes) Nobia wants nothing more from life than to share it with her Val! What a match this was! Only happiness lies ahead for both!
Tshimi now called Cami is off to enjoy a wonderful new life with Zac , Janet , Rachel & Katherine who she adored! Her heart is mended and filled with a new family to love. And they feel she is the best thing to ever happen to them! UPDATE: Our beloved Arthur and Geisha share a little playing time! After getting thirsty, sister Hanna offers some refreshments! What a loving family!
UPDATE: And my gosh who is this?? It is our little Akita Wannabee Tori all grown up at 1 year old!! She is weighing in at 70 pounds and looking like she is part Akita (and Basenji!!)! Bob and Tori and Tigger are making quite the hit in Canada!! And we are so happy for them all! UPDATE: UT OH what is this?? Looks like Joan has picked up some bad habits -- sleeping on the bed with dad and her canine brother!! Watch out -- Aunt Kathy will be putting you back in boot camp!
UPDATE: And here is the one and only precious Tina or as Peg and Roy call her, Miss Tea!! Tina waited a long time to find this perfect home but WOW it was worth it!! What a wonderful home -- built on love! Polar is so lucky to be able to join this tremendous Dixon family! Many happy years ahead for all!
Nikos_Andre.jpg (51324 bytes) UPDATE: Nikos has become one handsome dude!!  Here his is with best feline friend, Andre.  All are loved a lot by Marilyn and Dave :) UPDATE: What would Xmas be without a photo of the family! The Serpe family just sent us this and boy does Rocky and his family look happy! What a smile!
My precious most beloved Isaac has finally found the family of his dreams (and mine)!! He is now the most favored man in the Daniels family and both Ginny and even Bob say so! Many many years of happiness!! Our beloved Moe waited and waited for his Nancy to come for him! Nancy adopted a previous ARWNY dog named Moe and we all think this Moe was sent to help Nancy overcome her loss! Many happy days!!
Andre is so happy to finally have a new companion with Tioga! And Tioga is thrilled to have Andre and his new sister Molly! Life is indeed good! UPDATE: Our happy Yoshi (formerly Yoarashi) is enjoying the nice Thanksgiving outdoor weather! He loves mom Valerie and dad Louis in NJ! Boy is he growing!!
AND WHAT IS THIS??? Looks like Gentle Mary put in a request for her beloved Ronnie to join Tom and Kate and well Ronnie is now living alongside Mary in Toronto!! Sure hope that couch is big enough! UPDATE: WOW -- can you just feel the love here! Robin and Sasha have been together for 4 years now and each day is better than the last!
SILLY SALLY has found her new loving WONDERFUL parents with Al and Lee Ann! After several hours of meeting all the dogs, it took only minutes for Sally, Lee Ann, and Al to know they were meant to be together! The Eagle Ridge girls were sad to see her go, but we know there will be many new stories to share as Sally blossoms in her new home! UPDATE: WOW already 3 years have passed since Beau and Shelby found true love in Vermont with Christie and Mark (and Aunt Lyn)!! It is simply amazing to see them come so far. Now all they need is Sassy to join them!!
Kuma (AKA Shaolin) will be sharing his new fun filled life with Jason in Lancaster!  Wow!  This is going to be the greatest for our sweet boy!! MeiKong is off to BOSTON to live the high life with his new Mom Kathryn & brother Sean.  MeiKong was so excited to go with his new Mom, he hoped right in the caw and didn't even look backwards as he headed off to BASTIN!  LOL  He may have to get used to those accents up there first tho'......
UPDATE: And we couldn't leave Lincoln out of the picture! He is doing great with John and Judy and so happy to have a new sister -- little Jill!! UPDATE: Hey look it here -- it is Mr. Cisco with mom Michelle! Things just keep looking better and better for this dynamic duo!
Gentle Mary hit the jackpot with Kate and Tom! A nicer family for her could not be found and she adored her Kate! Many thanks to Lorraine Burch who was kind enough to send this family for Mary! Jill is happy to be loved by Judy, John, and adoptive brother Lincoln -- also an ARWNY boy! This family is now complete and encircled in much love!!
UPDATE: Tica is looking happy at 4 years! She was one of the parvo pups litter and was adopted by the Long family who just brought her for a visit! 02-16-2005   3.JPG (72192 bytes) Newman (AKA Talkito) is enjoying his new life with Alicia and family. Ed will meet him soon when he returns from defending our country in Iraq!!
Ophelia is happy and loving her new life with Bill and Megan! Warmth, peace, love, and constant treats -- ahhh this new life is just great! Kody.jpg (81625 bytes) Eskeemo is jumping for joy with all the adoration from Louise and James!! How sweet it is!!
UPDATE: Max and Sadie are really enjoying the view!!  Okay, you can take our picture AGAIN!  

Wishing a great 2005 to the Feldman family and Max and Sadie!!
nikita10205.jpg (124020 bytes) nikita20205.jpg (61793 bytes) UPDATE: Here is our precious girl Nikita celebrating her one year gotcha day/birthday combination.  Nikita is never in need of "stuffies" with super mom, Kathy, around :)
Sashaphoto12-046.JPG (303947 bytes) Yippee!!  Sasha is celebrating her new life with a very special family!  Charles & Gloria will find this bundle of love a keeper for sure!! Utah is one happy, happy boy.  He has a new family to love for many years to come!  Thanks Matt & family!!
Joan (Tank Girl) gets to live with her new brother MISU and her new Mom & Dad Deb & Chris in Southampton NJ! Joan's mommy works from home, so Joan will get all the attention in the world now in her new happy home! Sine (Shimmy) is jumping with joy in her new home!!  Marshall, Eric & Ann Marie are VERY proud of their new girl!
Misha0105.jpg (11267 bytes) UPDATE: Okay!  Misha is taking it VERY easy for this update picture.  Can everyone say "relaxed"??  Sure, especially if you have a wonderful new home like Misha does!! Herc0105.jpg (273164 bytes) Woo Hoo!!  Hercules is making himself right at home already!  He is having a wonderful start to 2005 :) and he just loves his mommy!! And here he is enjoying the beach!
kayla0105.jpg (244348 bytes) UPDATE: Wow, we love to see snuggle pictures around the Christmas tree.  Gee, I wonder which presents were for Kayla :)? chillie10105.jpg (113695 bytes) chillie20105.jpg (224051 bytes) UPDATE: Wow!!  Our Chillie girl looks better than ever thanks to her sunny west coast living and the best caretaker ever, Hogan!!
angelChristmas040105.jpg (383321 bytes) UPDATE: Angel was certainly being an angel for this holiday picture :)  Woo Hoo!! geisha.jpg (158472 bytes) UPDATE: Geisha is all cuddles for Hannah!  Meg is sure a proud Mom for adopting Geisha so these two can share a special bond.  
tuffy_11wks 0105.jpg (89068 bytes) UPDATE: Woopee!!....look how big and strong Tuffy is growing!   odieupdate0105.jpg (101663 bytes) UPDATE: Awwww, is this love or what!  Here is our precious Odie with Tracy's youngest child.
Well another happy ending for Riah -- one of the 25 Lorber dogs. Jackie Costello again opened her heart and home to this senior girl! She is happy today being an inside spoiled gal! benny 0105.jpg (66348 bytes) UPDATE: An update on our sweet Benny!!  He is sooo happy with Irene and her daughter!  Recently he was the star of the town when he visited Key West, FL!!
01-08-2005  10.JPG (642959 bytes) Our sweet Cassidy now Sadie is a socialite NYC gal! Being loved a whole bunch by David and Nicole!!  What a great start of a wonderful New Year!! Dr. Rachel Peeples not only drove from Georgia to come and spay/neuter some of the 25 Lorber dogs, but she also adopted one -- Helen! Helen is around 10 years old and has VKH! But Dr. Rachel fell in love and from the looks of it, so did Helen!

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