Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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OH BOY does this say happy or what!! Our dear Kali loves her ARWNY brother Aries!! A perfect pair and Jill and John could not be happier! THIS SPOT IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! ADOPT AN ARWNY DOG TODAY! YOU WON'T BE SORRY! ALREADY 61 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2008!! 68 DOGS WERE PLACED IN 2007!! 88 DOGS IN 2006!! 93 in 2005!!!
WOW OH WOW -- A true rages to riches story for our Buddy! he is now a treasured member of the LuBow family and this one makes our hearts truly sing!! Well Seth, Ingrid, and Sable have found true love! We are so glad to see such a great match!
Now does this say -- HAPPY DOG AT HOME!! John adores his new friend Cappucino and well, I would say the feeling is mutual! "Buffalo girls won't ya come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight -- by the light of the silvery moon!" Well Miss Dakota has joined us Buffalo girls and now resides HAPPILY with mom Jama right here in sunny Buffalo. We are so happy!
Shoku is delighted with her new family and best friend!! Jedhi says all good things come to those who wait. Took 1 year but he now ahs the home of his dreams!!
UPDATE: Bonsai says, "GOOD GRIEF!" But she loves the Baer family enough that she foregoes all dignity and allows the kids to dress her up as a froggie for Halloween! Hey who is she kidding -- she loves her life!! Nakuma shows what a happy boy he is with his new mom
Mindy, one of our faithful volunteers
Well Zuri is happier than happy with dad John and his new  Camelia family in sunny Canada! Sugar came from Tennessee all the way to Buffalo where she found a loving new life with Melanie and John!
Ginger and Diego say "WE LOVE DADDY KEVIN AND ARIZONA!" They traveled a long way to find bliss but they now have heaven on earth! Bunny says she went from being a Katrina victim to having a wonderful new life with mom Candice!
Gina could not be happier with Kevin and Kathy! These are the parents she dreamed of. Happy days to all ahead! Koda finally ahs the home of his dreams where Diane respects his needs and wants! They were a match long in coming but both say it was worth the wait!!
UPDATE: Valerie and Louis say Tsugi is the best ever!! And I bet Tsugi feels the same! What a wonderful pairing! UPDATE: Kuro and Kiri enjoy another had day in a dog's life!! Actually they could not be happier as are mom Katie and dad Jon!! Kiri says hi to sister Daisy!
UPDATE: Our special Kuro says HI and he is healthy and happy -- even though now a senior citizen! Still as spry as ever and loves his long walks with mom Nancy and canine sister Nikka! Our Randy waited a long time for just the right home and boy -- he sure found it~! I have never seen him look happier! He loves mom Marney and his Canadian friends. Happiness forever to all!
UPDATE: Drake (AKA Duke) loves his new home with mom Marilyn and dad Gary! Happiness -- can you see it! UPDATE: WOW is this really our Fival? She surely ahs blossomed under the care of mom Kathy! Love just shines through!
UPDATE: Manny waited a LONG time for the perfect home -- think he found it? He looks so happy with new dad Carmen! And we at ARWNY are just beaming to see this happiness and love! Zoe LOVED new dad Ralph and hopped in his car like she had known him her whole life! What do they say -- Love at first sight? Here is hoping for nothing but happiness for Ralph and Zoe!
Well they look like true brother and sister! Our little Nikki found a great home with Kate and her canine brother King! Did someone say fudge? UPDATE: Life could not be better for our Boda! He adores Suzanne and his canine sister Ayla! Life is sooo good!
UPDATE: Yes that is our special boy Frank AKA Nelson who is smiling. He just loves his life with Ingrid! Zoey found the forever family she so wanted with Loretta and Harry! Happy days are here again for all!
Kyoto finally found the family of his dreams with dad Andrew and mom Kristen! UPDATE: WOW Thunder and best canine friend Synergy are loving their first camping trip with family Shawn, Dina, Jordan, & Jarrett.
UPDATE: Yes it is -- our very own Kimba with kitty friend Leroy! Kimba's mom Nancy says, "And they say Akitas don't like cats??" UPDATE: WOW!! This could be a cover of a new Akita book! Elizabeth just sent us this wonderful new picture of our Karma -- posing! Doesn't look too spoiled does she?
Butch is a happy boy already much loved by his new mom Alicia!! Anastasia LOVES her new home with John and Karen -- and even her siblings the cats!
UPDATE: AWWW our big boy Hunter adores his baby sister Daisy! Cathi came back for another Akita! First she took PJ AKA Mishu and now she adopted Laci as well! Many happy years to all!
Anime has a new dad David and she is happy as anything! UPDATE: Patti sent a new picture of our "Kayla the flying Akita". She is the darling of the airport.
Bear was instantly smitten with his new adopter Robert Kennedy & his roommate Michelle & has settled in nicely in their home in NJ!! The Freeman family in DE decided Hasu was the right girl for them!  We are happy that she will have such a loving family to raise & train her right!
UPDATE: AHHHH look at our wee little Bruno -- more gorgeous each picture we get! He loves mom Jill. Here are the Carolson's with their SECOND long-coated Akita - our little Ms. HoneyBear!!  She will be a happy Akita living with her new family in PA!!
UPDATE: A double whammy here -- Oso and Lady happy as can be and so in love with each other and mom and dad who gave them both a chance at this great life. UPDATE: WOW look at our baby Keigo all grown up and so big!! He stands (left) with sister Mika looking for mom Barb knowing she must be out buying some treats!
UPDATE: Our sweet little Orchard Lorber (now called Oreo) enjoys a romp in the snow with her new brother! Oreo gives a thumbs up to her new family and says they are for keeps! UPDATE: Oh how sweet it is!! Our little Kimba looking the best ever and so happy with daddy Darryl! Mom Nancy also loves this little bundle of joy!
UPDATE: AHHH my sweet Jade (formerly Kimmy) who went all the way from Buffalo to Cherry Hill to live with her Mommy Kathy Morrison!! Kathy has had several rescue Akitas and boards them with Aunt Kathy at her kennel in NJ too!! Yuma (AKA Bear) could not be happier!! He loves mom Sinaed and dad Robert!!
Finally someone who understood and loved our Cody as much as we did!  Tracey is a forever friend to ARWNY and now she's an adopter too!!  We are so happy for Cody to have found his forever home now!!! This big puppy Matt is so happy now with his family in CT so thanks to the Spears family for loving him so much!!
Well today was Thunder's special day! He found his forever home. Meet Thunder & his new family Shawn, Dina, Jordan, Jarrett & Synergy. Many happy days to all! John & Karen knew exactly the kind of female Akita they wanted & Anastasia knew exactly the kind of HOME she wanted!  Now everyone is happy together!!
UPDATE: AWWW My sweet Diablo wrote and sent this update. he sure looks great! Paula and he just love each other! Foster mom Mona says goodbye  Well little PJ (now Mishu) has a great, loving home! Cathy and her family could not be happier! Happy long life Mishu!!
Mikasa met Steve and that was it! The universe stopped for them both and it truly was a match made by a higher power! Enjoy your life together! Mikasa also liked Steve's friend Rodger! UPDATE: My precious Kayla just sent an update from Unadilla where she lives in regal splendor with Patti! My heart is jumping seeing how wonderful she looks!
UPDATE: Grace has reported that Shaun (now called Grizzley) has made himself right at home with his new best friends. Everyone could not be happier! UPDATE: Our little Bea, now called Kira, is all grown up and quite the beauty -- inside and out. Aggie is a proud mom and truly loves her "best dog ever!"
UPDATE: Our little Nikos left as a young puppy and here he is 2 years later with his best friend! He is so happy with the Guimond family and awaits the time he can have a canine sister! (HINT!!) UPDATE: Smokey and Dynamite are doing great with the Hoffman family! They are getting quite big and boy do they look happy!!
Captain found his real first love and knew he was back home forever! John and Captain -- never to be parted and always sailing the same sea! Happy day for all! Misty is happier than anything -- a great new family and a new 6 month old Akita brother who loves to give kisses! Life gets no better than this!!
UPDATE: Here is our little Ivory enjoying her new home so much! This really makes our heart sing! Macy could hardly contain herself! Finally she found Dennis and knew the world was right again! Many happy days ahead for all!
Nikki found true love with her new family! Donna and Chris think it was love at first sight! Tyson loves Doug and Doug said this was the best dog ever! What a wonderful ending for them both!
Now this Stano family is complete! Our little Kiko will be extremely happy here! And puppy makes 4! The Vreeland family could not be happier with little Maka! What a wonderful match.
Daisy is enjoying a whole new world and life with her new mom Karen and canine brother Hunter -- also a proud ARWNY rescue! Keep sending these cute pictures!! Well they say two is always better! SO here are Makana and Koa ready to share their life with the Mecca family! Aunt Kathy says she loves you all and wants many visits at Camp Wagg N Tails!!
What a family! The Bowles have adopted many Akitas from ARWNY and now have new little Miki (now called Mako) to share their life with! We cannot be happier for all including Geisha -- another ARWNY rescue! Katie is thrilled with her new darling baby Kolohe (now named Keri)! She will be living with Katie and Jon and canine brother Kumo! Here is to a long, happy life.
What a fabulous match! Our Neeko went to live with Dominic and they start a new friendship that will only blossom over the years! FINALLY our wonderful Debi found her own Debbie and Steve to live with! The family could not be happier and nor could Debi! Many happy years!
Little Shawn found his new playmate and a loving family with Grace! he cannot wait to grow in the love they will provide! WOW OH WOW OH WOW OH PICK ME UP OFF THE FLOOR! MAGNUM -- dear, sweet, lovable Magnum -- has a new home with Jaime and Justin! Nothing but the happiest of wishes are sent their way! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!
It was magic! Love at first sight! Keigo and Mika (canine sister) were like they had been raised together. Barbara and Kurt were thrilled and now say their little family is complete! Brew could not be happier! He finally found his new surfing family with the Pettigrews who looked pretty darn happy themselves! Happy days ahead for all!
Well Uti truly did send Ann to find Precious! She first sponsored her and then had to adopt her! Precious knows just how precious this home and love is! Well Ann could just not bring herself to split this pair so yes, Sparkey is staying with beloved precious and moving to his new home with mommy Ann! What a truly happy ending.
HOLY COW is this love or what! Misha waited patiently for the right family to come and come they did! She is now happily a member of the Fox family! Can't you just feel the love! UPDATE: Jade is just gorgeous -- guess she got that from her two human sisters! She moved to California to be with the Lash family and she is loving it!
YUP Otis is sad no more! He finally found his forever home with the Soria family that loves him for him! ARWNY could not be happier! Sweet life our little Otis! Well our little Cyprus had his hip surgery and found his new Mom and Dad Pennock all in one week! Today he was good enough to go home! He is jumping with joy -- well not really because he is still healing. But his heart is in love!
UPDATE: WOW have Hannabee and Kazan grown! This is what love can do and Janine and Troy have provided that love! Max is loving his new life with canine sister Luna (also an adoptee) and the Twichell family! Tyler is his very special human! Enjoy your new life!

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