Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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UPDATE: AWWWW look here -- our very own Kuro and Nikka with mom Nancy! They are just the happiest trio! Nancy says "I adore them -- they've brought such love, affection, devotion & fun into my life." This trio runs our Pages for Pups Program -- her fund raising for the group has helped us give great homes to Akitas just like Kuro (left) & Nikka (right). UPDATE: Our sweet little girl, now called Bella, is just so happy with her new family. THANK YOU ALL for bringing such joy to her life!
John and Karen decided to add Buchanen to their happy household so Sadie and the cats now have a new little companion!! Eddie and Toku were meant to be.  One meeting was all it took and Toku is a happy boy in the Washington DC area now!
Daisy won over John and Margie from PA as soon as they met her,
so they had to take her home to her adopted Akita brother --
who was also immediately won over!!
Chris and Cromwell decided that Samantha not only was sweet enough to want to take home, but looks so much like her new brother Cromwell as to make people see DOUBLE!!
Gatsby proved being named after a famous literary character worked -- Jaimie and Ron came up from VA to travel home with him after being unable to resist such this fabulous handsome boy!!! UPDATE: Yes it is our little Max now called Ham with his beloved new mom Angela!! Ham loves gardening and has his very own couch! Yes happiness does come to those who wait!
UPDATE: Does Buddy look happy? I would say BEEMING!! Thank you Lubow family for bringing such love to our big guy! What a gift for the holidays ! Robin took one look at Tansei and knew he would be spending his life in her home.
Keibo waited a long, long time for the eprfect home to recognize him for what he is. Suzanne looks forward to providing him the love, support, and commitment he needs for a lifetime. The wonderful extended Kozlin family fell in love with
Shiloh and he with them.  This sweet pup will be happy
forever now!!
Takara getting a big FAMILY HUG! in his new home with
the Gaboff Family. Many happy years of joy together!
Big Max was smitten with Blaze so Terry & Camille had
no choice -- Off to MD he went to be a happy family
member there!!
Robyn & Allan were so taken with Emi's cute little
foxy face, they had to take her home to Canada to be
loved and spoiled!!
Our special little PA girl Hayaahsi finally gets a permanent
home back in PA with Karen and her Dad who will be
there all day to love & cuddle her!
Alex will be sharing his life with his Heart of Dixie
rescued sister Kicho and his new parents, the Medlicotts!!
Finally a happy ending for this sweet OHIO Boy Boots-- Vincent and Mom Corrina will give Boots all the love he needs right here in NJ!
Kimiko went from a stray in DE to a beloved family member in
MASS with the Pugsley family and new brother Chuka!!
UPDATE: OH BOY -- our little Tasu wrote saying: "There is nothing like gourmet food & champagne at the 707 in Philly." Mom heather ahs taught her well!
I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!!! Our precious boy Max waited for just the right home and he found it. he was so happy! Mom Angela just fell in love with him -- and who couldn't! Long, happy life my sweet boy! UPDATE: WOW and what is this we see paddling by? Yes it is our Tuffy and Buster happily canoeing with mom Chris and dad Cary! These Akitas sure have the good life and in true Akita fashion, have mom and dad doing all the work!
UPDATE: Yes it is true love! Our Max and Kiko -- the picture tells it all. The Canary family is so happy with their two new additions! Precious Niko dumped at a kill facility at the age of 9 years old -- because a younger lab puppy was brought home -- found it to be his lucky day! Judy and Ron opened their heart and adopted this dignified gentleman! Our undying thanks and wishes for a long time of happy memories together!

  UPDATE: Yes it is our famous Bangles Bear and Didi who survived the horrid puppymill we closed and went on to become beloved family members with Chuck, Melissa, and son Sam! THIS is what rescue is all about -- what a happy ending!! Our poor Sammie was left in a box outside the kennel doors after hours! He waited patiently till Aunt Kathy foudn him and made him safe. Off to Aunt Diane's hosue who fosters all our puppies (YEAH DIANE!!!). And now, Sammie ahs found his new permanent home with the Mantele family of NJ!!! Happy life Sammie!!
UPDATE: Little Gina has gotten so big! The Anderson family adore her as does her best human friend Matt! CAN IT REALLY BE??? He waited patiently since January and finally the perfect match came along. Nakama was so happy he jumped for joy! He loves new mom Linda and she says the feeling is mutual. PERFECT!!! ENJOY!
Little darling Kotenshi went home -- the Doyles found her as sweet as can be and she adored them! Many happy years! When Diane, Kris & Bella met our sweet gentle Ace they knew he belonged with their family! Many happy years!!
AWWW YES -- it is true love! Nancy, Vinnie and even Tomo (the canine brother) adore Aurora -- what a match! Enjoy!! UPDATE: Our little girl Sadie is doing well and enjoys playing with her canine friend Casey. John and Karen have really helped our girl blossom!
UPDATE: Our special Rico and his wonderful handle and mom Cecille, continue to amaze us. Here he is doing his therapy dog work at the Shriners Hospital. He has so much love to give and enjoys sharing it with those in need. KUDOS to Rico and Cecille! YES IT IS TRUE!!!! Our Nique -- now called BaeBae -- was adopted by none other than our own Kathy Dewees and Jenn Ceschan! Now I ask you, is that not the epitome of a happy ending? Life doesn't get much better!
Don't believe in angels? Well don't tell our Maximus that! He found his first set when the Mayor's Alliance in NYC saved him and took him to Dr. Lauridia at Murray Hill Pet Hospital. Then he found ARWNY and his fabulous foster home with Chris and Donna. Then he found Southpaws Vets. Once his mangled leg was healed, he found his forever home with Mike and Petra! Don't believe in angels? Well someone was guiding this dog for sure! Many happy healthy years to Max and his family! UPDATE: Yes had to share this new picture of our Maximus who had the crushed, mangled leg! All sure looks well now! Run boy run!
Yes love at first sight does happen! Just ask our precious Bear and new mom Laura!! ENJOY! UPDATE: WHAT IS THIS??? ON THE BED??? Well for Otis who everyone thought was impossible to place, things sure look comfy! He is living the dream!
Dumped at a NYC shelter like trash, our wonderful adopters Joan & Sonny found their Japanese treasure Rocky right here at ARWNY after he was rescued!!!  Poor old Rip was in a gas chamber awaiting his death. But Joann saved him to live out his last time on earth in love and happiness!
WOW OH WOW -- Thanks to the wonderful Hutton Family Panda and Hennessey were able to stay together!! Love was everywhere and this was the home of our dreams! CAN IT BE?? Well yes it is -- Suzanne opened her heart and home to yet another ARWNY dog KUMA! This is a rags to riches ending for sure. Now Kuma enjoys the love of a permanent, stable home with her canine brother Boda and loving mom Suzanne!!
This little Angel landed in the right home when Eric & Bonnie decided to open their hearts to one of ARWNY'S great orphans! Our volunteer Max (on right) loved Angel so much and decided to be part of Eric & Angel's happy ending's picture! When Owen lost his beloved owner suddenly it was Rose & Travis who flew in to this heart broken Akita's life and became his new guardian angel!!
UPDATE: OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!!! Our little Sugar, now called Bella, is thriving in her new home! And Melanie says she cannot thank us enough for the joy Bella brings to their lives! This made my week! The Forster family adored our Tasha and she loved them! Happiness for all! Enjoy your lives together!
OH they grow so fast! Here are Laci and Sammi and Mishu -- what perfect pups! Cathi has just done wonders to make this family happy. Oshii could not be happier with dad Andre and big brother Tioga, also an ARWNY rescue dog!! Here is to many happy years!
Aurora found the perfect home with Cindy and Henry! She is even going to learn bi-lingual commands! Happy, happy endings for this lucky pup and family! Now enjoy life and be the princess! Kiri went home to live with our little Hito in NYC so they were happy be reunited by the Solomine family!!
CAN IT BE??? SAY IT IS SO!!!! Tugger was an ARWNY wannabee -- left with Kathy's kennel for over a year! Finally ARWNY went out searching for homes and Rich found the dog of his dreams! Many happy times for you both! WOO HOO little Raku found a loving home with mom Jama and new canine sister Dakota -- another ARWNY rescue! Enjoy the puppyhood!
Bear is a HAPPY CAMPER now with the Auchenbach family from PA.  He will have new "sisters" to play with & love forever!!! Oh we can see lots of fun coming for Hito! Dad Lawrence likes to have fun and play! Enjoy your years ahead!
The Polyok family's search for a perfect match was over the day their children met Kyou! Kyou gave kisses to the little ones and this sweet deal was sealed! The Del Vecchio family in PA feel in love with MayZ at first meeting!!  This family will be exactly what MayZ needs and we know we struck GOLD with this adoption!
UPDATE: YUP pretty as a picture! Soraya had to share this picture -- all 3 happily adopted (Turk, Mitsu (an ARWNY girl), and Baron (who lives with friend Kelly)!! WOW OH WOW WHAT A GREAT JOB!! Tag found a home with the Mastromano Family and their female Akita could be his sister -- what bookends! This placement took a true village and we hope nothing but happiness for Tag and the family forever!
UPDATE: Koro (formerly the dog called Tyson) loves his great life with daddy Doug! And wow he gets more handsome each time we see him!! Sweet Kimi found an equally sweet family to share her life with. Donise and Eric and Kimi -- ENJOY!!!
Mr. Mochus found his forever home all the way in Maine! The Jarvis family was most happy to add another sibling and Alex and Nicholas came along to meet their new playmate! Enjoy you new lifetime together! IS IT TRUE????? Brew waiting a LONG LONG LONG time for the right home and then in walked Joseph & Veronica Murray! He fell head over heels and so did they! Now call them a forever family!
Jazmine (now called Shadow) found out first hand dreams do come true! She is enjoying a loving home now with the Sykes family! The picture says it all! The Mastrangelo's have long searched for "Just The Right Akita" and they found Barkley right here at ARWNY!!! Many happy years to all!!!
  Uni found that the Vitale's loved her for her and didn't even notice she had only one eye! This is for sure a true happy ending!   Misti found the loves of her life with the Ruchin family! Ed and Darrell and Misti will enjoy many many happy times together! We miss our Misti girl! Enjoy!
Suni Torres WE LOVE YOU and so does Coby!! How exciting he has a home finally that understands him and so close we can still see him often -- ENJOY!! Angelica was truly an angel and Rita saw it instantly! Now they can enjoy a lifetime of love!
Love at first sight it was for Yukai and Lee! Now she will spend years of happiness in her new home! We are on a roll! Rocky found the perfect fit with the Roldan family. He will be basking in their love for years to come!
UPDATE: Our wonderful pair -- Lady and Oso -- are doing grand with the Recor family and dad Scott shown here! These two met in rescue and couldn't be separated. luckily the Recors agreed and adopted both!! Happiest of New Years to all! WOO HOO!!! Sugar found the family of her dreams! She is now a Pennsylvania gal living with her beloved Ramirez family. Many happy years together!
Neena was the first placement of the 2007 year and she found a fabulous home with the Ford family!! Love at first sight for all! We hope Neena will send pictures of her Revolutionary War Enactment adventures as her new parents are avid participants! JAKE was a super lucky boy when the Mastromano family from NY came to take him home!!

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