Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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It was love at first sight for Oreo and the Williams family! Now her new life surrounded by love starts! Enjoy every moment. UPDATE: Genevieve introduces her new son Benjamin to Saki!! All are so happy and we extend our congratulations to the newest ARWNY family member!
UPDATE: Our little Emi, now called Suki, has found heaven on earth with her loving home with Robyn and Allan! Could she look any happier!! Our special needs gorgeous Odie found the perfect home and companion with Kiara! We are so happy for all and hope for many more updates especially once Odie starts school!
George loved Akitas from the time he started babysitting his son's adopted Akita. Now he has our fabulous Brewski to call his own!! We are so happy Brew will have a forever home with George!! The Seube family has adopted numerous Akitas in the past so naturally came to rescue for their current Akita! After much deciding lucky Aurora got to be the newest family member!!!  Aurora is a very lucky gal indeed to go to a home with so much Akita experience and love!
Hiroshi has found his forever home in NY with The Nieves family!  He is one lucky Akita! UPDATE: And who is this -- yes our favorite Tsugi!!! Val and Louis and Tsugi are just the perfect family!!
Our darling Cassidy waited and waited for the best home possible and now she has it.  Joe & Jeanie Klein loved her picture & adored her even more in person!!  Cassidy has a forever home in NJ with a wonderful family, this time for KEEPS!! UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Mitsu & Shugo baby Garnett! AND already so big!!
Our baby Koji left for his new life with the Hunt family! Live long and prosper our friend. WOW OH WOW!! Look at our Bonsai!! And now the Baer family came to adopt a new friend for the family! Meet Rudy! We are so happy for all! Happy lifetime!
Brad came to adopt a different dog but one fun play session with Katsu convinced him Katsu was the one!!! UPDATE: BOO!!! Our Jade sent this picture to show how happy she is with her new mom Ashley and canine best buddy Jackson!
Our little baby girl Foxy look-a-like went home with her new loving parents to the Midwest! We await MANY stories of happiness for years to come. Our Kia let Fran & Michael know they needed to take her home and they happily agreed!!
Our special Meeko finally has a home!! And we all could not be happier for mom Lynn and canine sister Cailie! See Meeko, good things do come to those who wait! Baby Keiko has plenty of love all the time with the Harris family!
Nick, Sharyl, and canine brother Diesel are overjoyed with Pearl now called Bella! This is one happy family! Polly and Jeff are thrilled with baby Garnett! Years of happiness lie ahead!
Yes Paul is beaming! How could you not be with a cutie pie like Charlie Brown! MANY happy years!!! Pat and Joel say it couldn't be better with their new puppy Miss Nikki now called Pandora! Hey she was my favorite so loads of pictures better come!
Hugs galore from mom Lynn to her new baby Sophie! I think hugs will always be plentiful! Kevin and Marguerita say Cocoa ROCKS! And who could disagree!
Bernedette & Chris found there new best friend when they met our Belle!! Many happy years! It took a while but Shiro waited patiently for just the right home! He sure found it with Herbert! Can't you just feel the love? Look at his face! Enjoy your new life our friend!
Oshii found the mom of her dreams with Esther! Many more memories to come! Nori is happy and loving her new life with the Long family!!
Our Ben found his forever, loving home with John and Lisa Porter -- dear ARWNY supporters! He even has a new canine sister to spend his time with! Life is only getting better and better! UPDATE: Mom Donna says "WE PICKED A DAISY!" And so it goes Daisy is loved so much by dad Joe and brother CeeJay!
Our baby Talos (now Tonka) found his new mom Gerise and dad Stan! Have a great life my little buddy! Sheba has found her forever home with 2 loving kids and Mom Jenn & Dad Luke, as well as her new brother SPOT the Akita!!
Erica was searching for the perfect Akita and found it when she met our shining star Hoshi. It was love at first sight! WOO HOO!!!!! The Price family decided TWO of our rescues needed them and adopted both Pasha and Cheyenne!!! Life is indeed GREAT!!
Our precious Teddy found his dream home with the Mercado family -- children, Cupcake the Akita to play with, and great parents!! All our best always!! Mike and Deidre couldn't have Gracie (an ARWNY
rescue) live without a friend! SO out they came
to adopt Harley!! Many happy years to all.
Mochus is finally settled in, happy with his
new sister Oreo and his Mom Rosemary and dad Ed!  This
wonderful family has adopted several times from rescue
-- now Mochus is the happy new adoptee at their home!!
 Thank you Ed and Ro for all you do!
Katherine wanted to foster Tenshi, but found she
couldn't part with him!  So now he's a happily adopted
boy, living the good life with mom in Phila, PA!!
Happy little Pebbles has gone off to Mass to live with
her new family -- which includes her new brother
Brewski, a therapy Mastiff!!!
Lucky Sunshine has been adopted by Debbie and her two
wonderful kids in NJ.  She will be a very beloved pet
forever in this great home!
The Schwaids just knew the minute they met Roxy, she
was it for them!  No more worries for Roxy, she is
home forever!!
Carmen just knew Jasper was the right one for him when
he met him!  So off to Phila, PA Jasper went and he
will never have to worry about a great home ever
UPDATE: A my special friend Sebastian (now called Biggie) sends a warm hello! Biggie enjoys a charmed life of love with mom Barbara!! UPDATE: Our very own Erin sends a Christmas hello photo with her dad. Erin was one of the Lorber dogs and lives with Karen and John on the sunny west coast of California!!
WOO HOO JAKE!!! He finds his new forever loving home with the Mastromanos family!! Have many happy years! Nique REALLY believes in Santa now -- the Nichols family has taken him into their hearts to love forever!  No more starving for our "St. Nique"!!!
Daisy (in her crate already to go!) knew the right family would want her for her unique personality & so they did! The DeAngelis' family loved her the best, including their boy CeeJay (in front) who wanted a new female to love at home! Jade will be a very spoiled girl in her new home with Gail & Matt up in MASS now!
Virginia was the first placement of the 2008 year! Our little girl Virginia went from being unwanted in PA to dearly loved in MASS by her 4 new sisters along with Mom & Dad, the Welch family!! LOOK BACK OFTEN TO SEE WHO IS ADOPTED NEXT!!

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