Auction Item #16
JP Teez Collection

We always knew what swingers that JP Teez crew is -- well now they even went and created an Akita swinger to join in the fun! This is made of metal and swings back and forth if caught by the wind or a helping hand! Another unique item you will not find often!

BUT Pam and Judy sent not one but three gorgeous, unique items for this raffle!

Copper Akita Spinner:
I cannot describe in words how lovely this piece is. Made with high end cooper, add to that beautiful crystals that when infused with light turn into a radiant beam. You just have got to see this. Hang it near a window and be in for a special treat every time while watching to the messmerizing twirl of the spinner!!

Akita "Swingers": Made of iron, this Akita pendulum swings silently, and would be a wonderful addition to the home or office. Item measures 1 foot in height and is set on an iron balancing platform. The movement is very relaxing and brings peace and joy while watching!


AKITA Switchplate Cover: A gorgeous Akita prances above a dual light switch cover!!

VALUE = $200

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