Akita Puppies Were Fed to Alligators!!


Life holds so many uncertainties, especially for those of us in rescue, so we don't even try to imagine the uncertainties anymore. But the one CERTAINTY you can always count on in Akita Rescue – there will be emergencies that need our help: without warning, without advanced notice.

Wednesday 3/9/11 proved to be one of those days. When Joann Dimon got the call from a Long Island shelter to help with 9 Akitas, we knew we were in for a daunting task since we already were at the breaking point with 15+ in our care to begin with. So we started to work on how we would be able to help with that many Akitas in one big group. We would have been overwhelmed except for one tidbit that is saving our sanity – when we found out who these Akitas belonged to, we actually breathed a huge sigh of relief that finally, finally we would get all these Akitas into rescue and this "breeder" would stop breeding. Here is the story as we know it.

Not sure who out there has heard of Scioto Bluff Akitas ( ); we know they were showing & had some champions per
their outdated website.  But they got "out" of Akitas a while back and sold some of their breeding stock at an auction where a few of their Akitas were bought by a "breeder" of Cane Corsos in Long Island, NY. I use the term "breeder" lightly as in our opinion he is of the worst of the backyard variety of breeder. Sadly we learned of this breeder when he produced a litter of mixed Akita/Cane Corso puppies that he said he was creating the "ultimate guard dog" and we were called in to help when they couldn't all be sold. We tried then to get the Akitas from him but he refused our offers and continued breeding the Akitas. 


Recently, this breeder was arrested on alleged murder charges and jailed. All his animals were confiscated by a local shelter and ARWNY was called in to help with the Akitas. All nine of them. NINE – YIKES!! We were told by one shelter source that when his animals were being removed, his alligator tank – you read that right, his ALLIGATOR TANK – had the skeletal remains of an Akita puppy in it. The shelter feels he was feeding the puppies to his alligators as their food. We've heard some horror stories in our day, but that one tops the list. We can't even begin to imagine the horror for a puppy thrown into a tank with live alligators. What kind of human being could even do that??? Makes us wonder what this house of horrors has been holding for all these poor Akitas.

So the trek was made up to the shelter to evaluate the Akitas and pick them up. They had to be quarantined due to being held in a shelter and showing signs already of kennel cough,so some of ours that were already in foster care got moved to the kennel, so these 9 could be fostered until healthy.  So far, all are doing well and despite having NO training or socialization, appear to be good with humans and tolerant to other dogs they have met.  One little red female is very unsure of her new life so far, but even as scared and unsure as she is, she is very sweet and willing to learn. These current Akitas are obviously a few generations down the line based on ages and what we could find on websites from his initial Akitas purchased at the auction that he bragged about to us a few years ago. We have gotten no information such as former health information or AKC records from this breeder, so have had to start out fresh and new with each Akita.

ARWNY will need help financially for boarding, food, vetting & supplements for these Akitas. We aren't sure yet of any health issues, if any, that we may also encounter beyond the parasites, worms, malnutrition we are already aware of.  We were told ahead of time by the ACO and shelter director (who also does Cane Corso rescue) the Akitas were all very sweet so it came as no surprise to our volunteers who went up to evaluate them to find some grateful Akitas waiting to be patted on the head, wanting to give kisses to those that saved them.

We have taken all 9 of these Akitas into our group, so we are now coordinating the boarding situations needed in the next two weeks. We will be upping our monthly food deliveries and ordering more monthly Heartworm meds and anything else we find they will need. It will be at least 2-3 weeks for us to vet, evaluate and learn more about them – but in addition to that, our biggest focus is that we still have 15+ current Akitas in our care that need homes while that is also going on .  So please spread the word to anyone looking to buy a puppy, to PLEASE consider an adult Akita if possible if you don't have any puppies for sale right now -- coming from a breeder advising that there
are some very wonderful Akitas in rescue that need homes, might just get someone to think about adopting a wonderful adult Akita!!!
If you can help us -- use the paypal button below to send a donation or feel free to email with any offers of help you can make -- or
Shipping food, meds and supplements along with toys and treats would be most helpful too, so email Kathy for an address to mail those items to!! Or if you prefer, mail a check to ARWNY, PO Box 428, E. Amherst, NY 14051.

Also remember if you cannot send a donation, consider helping with walking, training, grooming, socializing, obedience training, anything will be a help. All the Akitas will be in the southern NJ area being quarantined and boarded. These Akitas deserved to be saved, and now that this breeder has legally turned them over to the shelter who has relinquished them to us, we can be sure they never suffer any more horror or abuse at anyones’ hands ever again.  Remember too, that your kennel name is special and unique; selling your dogs at an auction demeans all the work you have done all these years, not to mention putting your Akitas in harm’s way like this.  So please never allow your breeding Akitas to end up like these poor Akitas ended up.  There might not be a rescue to help them or a reason they get given up like happened here – think of the  horrors that were happening all these years to the Akitas this breeder got his hands  on.  Make sure its never your Akitas that something like this happens to!!

Thank you for caring,

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Sharon Roble Diane Pilotti Ester Yun Darlene Graves
Donna White Ann Bavaria Anita Palmer Julie Rohrer
Garden State Akita Club Christine Alderson Linda Wolf Janet Salzman
Sally Compton Colleen Sullivan Katie Asling Frank & Linda Ingemi, Excel Shu-Ku Akitas
Madeleine B. Smith Sue Mincemoyer-Gray Janet Salzman Isabella Britain Hill
Barbara Boniface James Moore Patti A Dolezal Annette Amsel
Theresa Manchester Elea Warf Patricia Sands Barbara Wolf
Russell & Jill Drennan Paul Lavoie Dawn Hubbard Gretchen Beals
Molly Hubbard Jessica Perry Kay S Greisen Richard Shaw
Beth Pennell Matthew Raymond Clare Della-Franca Nancy Kaiser
Cynthia Downing KEITH VENEZIA & Nakodo Akitas!!! Melissa Young Louise Reeder
Sandra Roe Shelley Pryor Beverly Vics Susanne Stralka
Don Coleman Heather, Mary, & Bill Richardson Land of Enchantment Akita Club Edward & Cynthia Clark
Paul & Deanne Hunt Michelle Gardner Linda Wroth Cynthia Hutt
Carol Harris Bill & Mary Richardson Charlene Gischel ... in loving memory of my beloved Kodiak Squakheag Akita Club
Maria Abrams Lynne Kelley Keith Clifford Jane Johnson

WOW Look at Boss Now!!
 Thanks for helping to bring that look to his happy face!!



I simply cannot put into words what this means to all of the dogs that will benefit at ARWNY. I am truly overwhelmed and astounded! You guys outdid yourselves and I would say in this economic climate you all deserve to smile and hug and say JOB WELL DONE!! Truly an inspiration to all that you could come together and do this! BRAVO SQUAKHEAG AKITA CLUB -- the little club with a BIG heart! BRAVO and we so thank you all for every penny! Know how many dogs you have all helped with your efforts -- savor the good feeling because you all earned it.
THANK YOU from all of ARWNY -- THANK YOU!!!

Enjoy a picture of this year's Whisper Walkers -- Akitas leading the way!!


It is with great sorrow that we must acknowledge the passing of our friend, Jackie Costello. Jackie was a wonderful Akita person, who enriched the breed by being a valued member of the ACA, a good breeder and a volunteer for ARWNY. Jackie had a super soft spot for the senior Akitas and fostered many of them for ARWNY over the years. 

In Jackie's honor, ARWNY is taking in the 7 Akitas left behind by a puppymiller in Jackie's own area. Jackie worried a great deal about these Akitas over the years & tried hard to get this place closed down. Now that the last 7 Akitas have been surrendered to the local shelter, ARWNY will take them in with Jackie's blessings from above.
  ARWNY has a little history of naming groups of Akitas that need our help; so these 7 Akitas will forever be known as "Jackie's Seven" in her honor.

We will miss Jackie's expertise, her guidance and her willingness to help any Akita-lover with a problem. We extend our sympathy to her beloved husband Ken Haas and are comforted by the knowledge that Jackie will be guiding us from "on high" while we continue to help save Akitas.

Jackie with her beloved Ray Ray -- one of many ARWNY seniors she helped!


This has been an amazing year -- many dogs helped but sadly also an overwhelming year with the sheer numbers of dogs needing help. But at this time of year, we must focus on the positive -- on the dogs that went from near death to happy WOO HOOs in their new loving homes. ARWNY could not help the dogs we do without each of you. For that we are eternally grateful and hope your home at Christmas is filled with love and happiness knowing a few more dogs are happy also because YOU HELPED!!

Enjoy our Xmas Holiday video done by our own Miss Kathy!

Xmas Video

We need your help -- as someone who cares about Akitas
in need!
ARWNY is here to help abused, abandoned,
neglected, or any Akita in need. We are there as
volunteers to make them safe -- 365 days a year!

Sadly, this year is much worse than most. Some Akita owners have to make tough decisions -- including giving up their dogs! The sad and cruel truth is that more Akitas are being dumped, abandoned, and turned onto the streets while others are suffering hunger, neglect, abuse, and
worse. Numbers in need are epidemic!

Your support helps ARWNY rescue Akitas in their time of crisis, even during this hard economic time and the coldest winter months. Your gift of $25 or more can mean the difference between life and death for Akitas with nowhere else to turn.

Please help us with as generous a gift as you can afford. Even a small amount can go a long way for an Akita in need.

On March 19th ARWNY was featured on the local TV program, PetConnect.  Here are some candid shots from the PetConnect show.....Woo Woo!!  And it gets even better!!  

On March 31st at 10:00 AM EST, Animal Planet aired it's first "Breed All About It" on Akitas (finally)!!  Featuring none other than our dear Nancy Lamm with her two furbaby sweethearts, Victoria and Nicholas. Check your TV programming for the next scheduled showing :)

Members of ARWNY show up for their
eagerly awaited debut on PetConnect

Amy & her rescue Akita "Rambo"

Debbi & her rescue Akita "Josh"

Josh is ready for his close-up.
Hollywood, here I come!!



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He is home -- adopted by the Dimon Family!!

(Thanks for helping me get better!!)

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

KEITH VENEZIA & Nakodo Akitas Carol Laubscher Salvatore Infantino Donna White
R. Judith Kelley April Paonessa Bolana Fuge-Hary Beverly Vics
Jeffrey Haas Larry Grumer & Sherry Handel Jan Pavolski Suzanne Azzaro In Honor of Heather Bearz's Zoe!!
Elea Warf Janet Juliano Nancy Almann Kenneth Frank In Memory of Moko
Soraya Sulaiman MICHAEL KRUPA JR Nancy Kaiser Terri Willis
Janet Voss Paul Scarlett Judith Schenk In memory of Philly and Kenny~From Jenn and Bill Yuhas
Helene Rachlin      


It's with great sadness that ARWNY must announce that on Christmas Eve, a day that should be full of joy and happiness for all of us, is instead one that finds us all in tears because we lost our BUTCH. An Akita whose life was miserable and sickly before coming to ARWNY, we had such great hope we could be the ones to give Butch a lifetime of happiness after making him whole again. Alas, it was not to be. Butch left us during the night sometime -- he was found early Friday morning curled up asleep, as if he was still dreaming of sugarplum fairies and his upcoming visit from Santa Paws. Sadly Butch will not get to celebrate Christmas with us -- obviously the years of sickness and malnutrition took its toll on his body and he wasn't able to overcome it. Our only comfort comes from knowing that now, over The Rainbow Bridge, Butch is playing happily and looking fabulously healthy. He is running free, having all the food and treats he wants, playing excitedly with all the other Akitas waiting there for us all. 
Just like when he first came to ARWNY after living such a horribly sad unhealthy life before meeting us, Butch is now in a good place over The Rainbow Bridge -- we have to keep telling ourselves that or our Christmas season will be ruined. We loved Butch and we thank you all for loving him with us. Your generosity in helping him was much appreciated and he so deserved the chance. Unfortunately we cannot ever predict things like this but it won't daunt us from helping the next sickly, sad, unloved Akita -- so many before him were able to go on to healthy wonderful lives so when the next one shows up stray in a shelter like Butch did, we will take all we've learned and move forward. 
RIP Butch -- you deserve the happiness!!!  The other Akitas miss you -- and so do we!!



SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

 Kimberly Brayton: In memory of Janice Weldon. She & her husband founded Radar Rescue in Texas. They pulled our Elvis from a local shelter - her 1st Akita. She will be missed. Thanks for all the work you do. From Jenn and Bill~In memory of Philly Paul Lavoie Kathleen Morrison
Tamira Ci Thayne -- Medical Gas Services, LLC Elea Warf Danielle Cruz
Ellen Sheehy Cheryl Gianfrancesco From Sue Mincemoyer-Gray In memory of Judy and Ron King's Niko an ARNWY rescue! Catherine Guglielmo
Debbie Learn Alchon THANK YOU Tim Crippen In Loving Memory of His Girl Nikita!! Thank you for giving us the opportunity for Sakura to join our family. Jim & Laura Atwell Michelle Bajdek
Janet Crudele Barry Fetner Patti Dolezal  



Just imagine your family decided one day not to feed you anymore. Then imagine they let you become infested with fleas & ticks to the point that you have lost your plush fur. Imagine again the family you would defend with your life, that you still trust totally, takes you for a ride into one of the most dangerous cities in the US today, then opens the car door without stopping & throws your emaciated body out onto the hot pavement. No need to imagine fiction, as this is Samurai's factual, documented story.


Samurai was given a special name by the animal control officer who found this Akita under an abandoned car, fighting to stay alive with his will. Samurai had collapsed during the heat wave after he was thrown from that moving car. He had not eaten, or had water in 3 days. A citizen noticed Samurai's body laying motionless under the car and called for help. Samurai was taken to the vet hospital where he remained for 2 weeks until he was well enough to be released into the warm rescue arms of ARWNY.


A little about Samurai: Upon meeting this approx. 18 month old male Akita I was taken aback, not so much at his appearance but the manner in which he greeted me. This big boy's fur-less tail never stopped wagging because Sam never stopped loving people despite what his owners had done to him. He has never met anyone of any age that he is not overjoyed to see. Samurai passed all of his temperament tests with flying colors and it does not stop there. Sam enjoys the company of female dogs & cats. He is housebroken, but does need leash work which we are working on now with steady improvement. Samurai has since been neutered and brought up to date on his shots; he tested negative on heartworm & Lymes -- a miracle in itself! Samurai is a heavy-boned large-framed male that will need to gain another 30 pounds. You have to see the head on this boy -- he is going to be a show stopper once he gets his coat back. Samurai can go to a home with children 10 and older who know how to treat and respect this special breed. Are you the special home we can entrust with loving Sam forever?? If so, put in an adoption application by clicking here.

Or if you are as moved as we at ARWNY are but cannot adopt, send a donation! This big boy also loves toys so you can contribute to his toy and food fund! Lets hope he heals all soon and gets the happiest of endings!


SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Jan Pavloski Paul Lavoie Linda Wroth Matt & Christina Bundenthal
Paul Reis Marilyn Sullivan Paula Lane Joshua Wood
Charlene Gischel  In loving memory of my beloved Kodiak. Born August 12th, 1995 crossed the rainbow bridge January 29th, 2010. Forever in my soul. Carol Luther
In honor of Kathy Morrison's birthday
Grace Ramus MaryBeth Yannessa!!


After much vetting & consulting with specialists, it was determined that the best home for Rice would be with no other pets & a low-key household since Rice will need much rehab work after his operations. ARWNY was lucky enough to meet Paul, who was determined to make his home into whatever Rice needed for his rehab! Paul is willing to do whatever it takes to give Rice a healthy, long life so Rice has finally found his forever home with the right adopter.   He is now happy up in CT where we will be following up with his surgeries & keep you all apprised of his future with Paul!! Thanks to all the folks that have helped us with Rice's extensive medical bills -- there will be more needed in the future we are sure; but its been wonderful having so many people willing to extend a hand to this special loving Akita at this time of need!


Here at ARWNY, we trust the adopters we choose to do right by our beloved Akitas when they leave with them at adoption time.  We do as much as we can to follow up with our Akitas -- we email, we have a yahoo group for adopters, we hold a yearly Akita Picnic for our adopters to attend, we send out newsletters, we are available 24/7 on email, our website is visible at all times.  Yet sometimes -- sometimes we find even with all our efforts, that one of our Akitas falls on bad times without our knowing it.  It breaks our hearts, upsets us all so much, and the financial and emotional burden it adds to rescue is inexcusable.


Our little Kenjai was adopted out from the litter we called the "Mommy & Daddy" litter in 2008 -- the two Akitas found together in NJ in the parking lot of a hotel, who would not leave each other's side nor leave the parking lot. They had been dumped there and ever loyal they awaited their owners return. We renamed them Mitsu & Shugo.  ARWNY took them in, and Mommy/Mitsu gave birth to a very sweet, lovely litter of purebred puppies at ARWNY volunteer Carla Boyd's house. They were lovingly raised for 8 weeks by Carla, and we screened new homes very carefully. As each puppy left, they went with a thick booklet put together for each new home, with tons of help in it, along with all our contact info.

So it was devastating to us to get an email recently from a neighbor of the adopter of one of the puppies, named Kenjai, saying what bad condition he was in, how thin he was and that he needed to be taken back into ARWNY. Her story was that the adopter didn't have the means to reach out to ARWNY so she did it for her.  We rushed into action that same day, contacting the neighbor, then the adopter, to set up a transport to his region in the next several days so Kenjai could come back to ARWNY. Then, in a surprise move, Joann Dimon, another ARWNY volunteer, received a phone call that next morning at 6 a.m. from his adopter, saying "He has to go NOW" and describing a dog that sounded so much sicker than we were lead to believe that we were sure he was on death's doorstep. (Hmmmm one minute we couldn't be reached by the adopter, next minute the adopter called Joann at 6 a.m. to demand he leave ASAP????)  Nancy contacted our vets at Willingboro Vet Clinic who agreed to have him come directly to their clinic and Nancy and Joann immediately made arrangements to get Kenjai to the clinic that same day despite the distance.  Deb Karfs met Kenjai at the clinic when he was dropped off.


See the pictures of Kenjai when he was surrendered back to ARWNY that are posted here?  NO Akita adopted out should come back to any rescue in this condition -- there is NO excuse on earth for it, NONE. ARWNY is always available to help, we are ALWAYS willing to do whatever it takes for our Akitas -- for their life!! Once we got his vet records, it was quite clear Kenjai hadn't even been vetted in well over a year; he was sadly lacking for any care, being fed grocery-store dog food and this was NOT a recent situation -- poor Kenjai has been suffering a long time!!  Whatever the adopter's excuses, none of them added up -- ARWNY is always easy to reach -- if you can't reach Nancy, you can reach Kathy; if you can't reach Kathy, you can reach Joann or Carla.  The adopter was given our very thick adoption packet, and all contact info was in the package.  It was obviously NEVER used.  We would never have allowed one of ours to end up like this.
Well he's in our care now and Dr. Larry Wolf at Willingboro Vet can't say enough good things about Kenjai and his wonderful temperament, despite his horrid condition.  He is still at the Vet's office, where he has been undergoing tests, being treated medically for a number of issues including what the vet suspects is an ACL or patella injury caused by being hit by a car or abuse. We are thrilled to report he is responding so well to all the attention he is getting 24/7 from the staff!!  Take a look at these pictures just 2 weeks after getting decent care, good food, and love!


But now we need you all -- Kenjai is breaking the bank as he goes into his 3rd week at the clinic, sure to be stretched into a 4th week.  His vet bills will be in the thousands due to the tests, medicines, cost of vetting -- and we just don't have it!!  Whatever you can do to help us with Kenjai's bills would be most appreciated.  ARWNY is always there for every Akita we can possibly help.  There is never, ever any question of us NOT taking back any Akita we have adopted out.  We will leave NO stone unturned to get Kenjai back to being the healthy Akita he was when he left us.  Sadly we have to ask for help. I hope you will all reach into your pockets and help out -- we can't help any new Akitas until we can pay for Kenjai's vet bills and we are being flooded with people asking for us to help with their Akitas.  But we have to say no because we can't cover all the bills.  So please -- look into your heart and help us to keep rescuing other Akitas by helping us to lower Kenjai's bills.

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Michelle Bajdek Elea Warf Arlene Oquendo From Tina, Kema, & Roscoe -- Kenjai may you find a loving, forever home that you much deserve!
Paul Lavoie Josephine Perez Rachel Vanger Catherin Neuman
Russ Ketter Yvonne Rogers Lynne Kelley Bernadette Duman
From Panda for her Brother Rice In Loving Memory of Lara Webster    



Meet little Ms. Sparkle -- name given for her sparkling personality and that special sparkle in her eyes! But Sparkle's short life of 12 weeks so far has not been a sparkling one. She was dumped in a vet's office by her college-student owner after Sparkle had a seizure -- caused by who knows what at this point. She was put on meds, then given to a foster home, where she proceeded to ingest gravel, so she has a tummy full of gravel now.

 In addition, an x-ray found she has pneumonia, which now must be treated. She is on phenobarbital, which will be monitored by our vets here now that she's with ARWNY so we can determine if in fact she needs that med given by the previous vet, or if the seizures were caused by something else possibly ingested previously. Sparkle is definitely going to need ongoing medical attention -- her bills are already piling up and she's only been with ARWNY 3 days!! 


Sparkle already had to be rushed to the vet again -- she became very lethargic and was rushed in to the vet who said she needed IV treatments and special attention for the next two days. BUT day 2 of the IV treatment showed also the rocks had passed and no surgery was needed for that!

How sad that so many puppies we have been dealing with have had such health issues! But you know we can't turn our backs on them -- that's what rescue is for, to help those in need! So now its rescue that is in need --of your help!!  Please help us to make Sparkle healthy again so she can be adopted into a great home!!  She is not a well-bred Akita but does have that great Akita face & head that just melts your heart when you see her, so how could we turn her away? Thanks to everyone that has expressed interest in helping with Sparkle -- keep those donations coming, we are way over our heads with medical bills as it is from Rice, Pixie, Piper, etc. so all your help is needed!

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Tribble & Pawlee Elea Warf Russ Ketter Helene Rachlin
Kristen Moreland Paul Lavoie -- Congrats to Zeus! Tara Keyser Teresa Ortiz
In Loving Memory of Alesia Ann DeSa Jan Pavloski Debbie Learn Alchon Britt & Marc Caras
In Loving Memory of Lara Webster      


Just when ARWNY thinks we've gone over the deep end, that we can't make ends meet, that its the worst financial shape we've been in for a long time, the Akita doGs send us an angel -- this time in the form of the SQUAKHEAG AKITA CLUB & all its members!!  The club, made up of breeders & show people from all over New England, got together and decided to raise money for ARWNY at the WHISKER WALK, held on June 6th, 2010 up in Lancaster, MA ( and raised almost $5,000!!!  Can you believe it?  NEVER believe that breeders do not help rescue -- we are blessed to call the Squakheag Akita Club & its members dear friends and supporters of ARWNY and rescue in general!  Thanks also to everyone that donated to this cause -- you all helped raise the expectations way beyond what we thought it could ever be.  SO many Akitas will now be helped with this money -- so many bills paid for vetting, food & boarding -- its amazing!!  We are bursting with pride at knowing this wonderful Akita Club backs our work & appreciates what we do for the breed!

(From left to right: Lori and Berry, Britt Caras and my Kat, Jess and Freddie, Kim and Desi, and down front is Kim's Jr, Handler Julia and her best friend

PS: Special thanks to Diane Lynch for all her hard work in keeping this fund alive & setting this all up with ARWNY!!

(From left to right: Diane with the club's "Hachi" model, Freddie with his owner Jess, volunteer Brittany, and volunteer Britt Caras)


Mike went with Joann to pick Kina up and he got a kiss! That was all it took and he was hooked. He knew then and there that Kina must come to live with him on the Krupa Estate! We all could not be happier and know his former ARWNY dog Fargo helped in the match! ENJOY!!

"She had to be chipped out of the was by far the worst case of cruelty I ever saw!" ACO Margret

Kina with friend & ARWNY volunteer Mike

Can you imagine the terror of finding yourself alone -- no food, freezing cold, and abandoned? Can you compound that horror with having this happen for weeks – for finding yourself on a chain that has become frozen in the ice and snow so you cannot lie down or move? Can you imagine finally being noticed by someone only to find that the people who you knew and loved would not even help in your plight? Can you imagine the absolute, abject horror of having to be “chipped” out of the ice so you can be hopefully saved? No food for weeks, existing on new snow, and no shelter? Emaciated? Frozen? Far worse emotionally?

Uncle Matt shows food is not withheld at Chez Dimon's!

Well poor Kina knows that horror – she knows what it is like to have the humans she knew for years as her “loved” ones to leave her outside chained with nothing! Hoping she would simply die and they could move on! Luckily these humans now know what it is like to face a court so outraged by their despicable acts that finally justice is done. Luckily Kina knows kindness – she knew a kind shelter and its workers who refused to give up on her and they spent months nursing her back to health – physically. The emotional scars – who knows!! But this dog – this survivor who refused to give up – is now safe with ARWNY. Sadly the shelter had to test her when brought in after this horror and as would be expected, she failed the test biting the fake hand that tried to take the food she had not had for weeks. The shelter though realized the problem and worked with ARWNY to get her so she could have another chance. And another chance she had and passed with flying colors! Now that she knows food, she is fine with hands holding it! She loves to have attention, pets, kindness shown to her. She loves to give kisses and she is a gentle appreciative soul who has not lost her trust of humans.

COME ON lets play more!!

Now what Kina needs is that perfect forever home that will safeguard her from ever having to know another horror in her life. Now Kina needs YOU – if you are able to pass ARWNY’s test as this girl will not just go anywhere! We owe her safety and we owe her forever! She fought so hard for life and now let’s see if together we can give it to her – a life with every happiness and kindness where she has her remaining years to live like the queen and pampered love of someone’s life!

Precious Pixie Has Surgery

(Left -- Pixie discharged; Right -- Bullet recovered!)

How can we ever thank you all enough for your kind words of encouragement and support for Pixie. With the loving hands of her foster mom Carla Boyd, she had her surgery and is recuperating now.

Thanks to Carla's wonderful care and dedication, Pixie has come through her surgery safely. Carla stayed with Pixie throughout her surgery since she is a vet tech, and was Pixie's guardian angel all during her recovery.  Pixie has gained 18lbs while with Carla and still has more weight to gain but has filled out and is starting to recover now from her frightful ordeal. We can't thank the Akita lovers out there that donated to her cause enough for the chance to help her -- she was so deserving and we are most appreciative of all your help! Luckily the bullets were recovered and the tumors were removed. She also had ovarian cysts that were removed as well. If you want to follow her surgery, click the button below but know these pictures are not for the light hearted!

Pixie Surgery

We are waiting on the pathology reports now but are hopeful that the worst is behind our Pixie girl!  Now what she needs is YOU -- a loving forever home, with no other pets or small kids so she can have all the attention for herself!  Pixie has had a hard life, we want her new home to be one that will dote on her, show her all the attention possible to make up for all her sad years previously.  So please consider opening your heart to Pixie -- she will make a wonderful loving companion!

On behalf of Pixie and all who were her angels, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

...And What Are You Thankful For???

Pixie finds help & hope!

Pixie needing a kind hand!

The SPCA staff were thankful to be able to help Pixie!

Carla & Pixie -- the photo says it all!

Dr. Berman & staff x-ray and diagnosis

Dr. Carlos Hodges confirms diagnosis & necessary surgeries

Bullet still lodged in Pixie

Pixie says thanks for helping!!

Gun shot wound

Thanks for helping our girl!!

At this time of year we often enjoy the company of friends and family and are asked just that question -- What Are You Thankful For? Many answer good health, or wealth, or happiness, or the ability to spend time with close ones. Some thank their God for another day. But most of us are able to answer.

This year that question takes on a whole new meaning. After doing rescue for over 30 years, I can say I have been thankful for some cases that ended as well as they did -- Chillie, Lorber dogs, Wish, Ben, Cassidy, and so many more.

But this year -- I am thankful that ARWNY is able to help a very special Akita girl named Pixie. Her story is not one of happiness. It was in the newspaper -- a story of horror actually. A female Akita picked up by the local SPCA in need of tremendous help. A stray Akita that was stabbed, shot, and emaciated. This Akita girl is thankful today for having a name -- the shelter called her Pixie! And she is thankful ARWNY exists and was willing to tackle yet another horrid case. Pixie has a bullet in her -- which will be removed for more evidence. Her open wounds were cleaned and stitched. But when her foster mom Carla Boyd came to get her, the emotional wounds were still raw. Pixie has seen horrors. Living on the streets she knew starvation -- now is thankful for food. She was hurt and is now thankful for vet care. She was filled with fleas and is now thankful for a cleaned, bathed body and warm place to lay her head. Pixie still needs so much more -- sadly her stab and gun shot wounds were only the start. Her worms and fleas and parasites paled in comparison. After our vet x-rayed her and the specialist reviewed the records, poor Pixie has so much more she needs. She has mammary tumors -- most likely malignant -- which means surgery. She has spondolysis and she has moderate hip dysplasia. Yet through it all, she was thankful for kindness. She did not even need a muzzle to examine and x-ray her. She is beyond sweet and the various vets all felt her prognosis was good once she had the surgery.

So once again -- FOR PIXIE -- we are here asking you for help. We are thankful for all the generosity exhibited to ARWNY over the years. But if ever one dog touched your heart and went to your very soul, Pixie is that dog. Her eyes are haunted by atrocities but her heart has hope and love and wishes for a better day and a family of her own. She most wants to thank all those who extend a kind hand. Please help us show her what this human race can be -- a race that cares and will help no matter what the season -- a race that is not all mean. A race that wants to have devoted, loving companions.

We ask you to consider what you are thankful for and if you can spare just a few dollars for the surgeries this poor soul Pixie needs (approximately $2,000), well then we thank you for again showing this country is a great one filled with hope and love and kindness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember Pixie in your thoughts and prayers!

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Tracy Ward In memory of Misti for Pixie! Love, Darrell Huff-Ruchin Tribble Donna Bennett
Sara Fisher Paws High and Prayers for Pixie! Love Robin, Chloe, & Chaz Carrie Holgate Ronald Chabot
Anita Palmer R. Judith Kelly Lynn Bessant Erika Hokanson
John Takacs Helene Rachlin  Sharon Fung Laura Arita-Wong
Amy Roy Cherie Kain Melissa Young Ilene Applebaum
Anna Geortler John & Sally Compton Diane Anderson Marc & Britt Caras
Paul Lavoie Laura Leonetti Jan Pavloski Maureen Sabo
Kim Holmes John Mills Elizabeth Terry Sunil Chandurkar
Jennifer McClary Kathy Weightman Pam Wright Katie Asling
Maddy Goss Carol Ford Diane Lynch Mojave Pharoah Hounds
Salvatore Infantino Penny Taylor Barbara Bouyet Lonny Cohen
Lynne Kelly Sally Compton Bolana & Marlena Donna DeAngelis
Elea Warf Kathy Murphy Donald Grant Henda Plosker



(From left to right: Kat, Terry, and their beloved Akita Roxy)

Terry Rapoza loves Akitas. Her website ( is all about Akitas, and her love for dogs, her family, her special Akita Roxy. Terry is a huge supporter of ARWNY!! But Terry never expected that her young daughter Katarina would follow in her footsteps when only in middle-school. Yet that's just what Kat did. She came to Terry one day, and said she wanted to do a fundraiser at school -- The Somerset Middle School in MA - to help raise money for the Akitas because she knew how financially drained ARWNY was. A young teen -- so caring that she would give up her time, effort and lunch hours to do fundraising for ARWNY! Amazing! 
So Kat put together a power-point presentation which included: A brief history on the Akita and it's origins. The first Akita to come to America for Helen Keller. A section of the power point was used to show  Akitas are multi-use dogs for things like TDI, CGs, Agility, Obedience, etc. Background on Katarina and her family Akita, Roxy - showing how she got involved with Akitas.  Leading into her main presentation --  a fundraiser for ARWNY. She showed it to her classes with the approval of the principal and her classmates were very willing to help Kat with her efforts after learning more about Akitas.
Now we don't know about all of you -but when all we read is how selfish and self-centered our teenagers are today, ARWNY can be proud to say NOT TRUE -- we know Katrina Brown!!
Here is what Kat collected (pretty great for a middle-school fundraiser -- Kat has a future in marketing for sure!)
Home Depot Gift Cert. $25 donated by Home Depot of Somerset

Cashiers check for $120.50 (6th grade students at SMS donated)
6th Grade Donation collectors: Jillian Mercer, Kendra Quatterucci, Stasia Rua-Larsen, Cierra Torres & Elizabeth Furtado

AKC cert. collar donated by Kyle Sousa 6th student
Black collar and red leash donated by Jamie Levrault 6th student

12 Cans of food & 5 collars donated by our friend Linda Cabeceiras

THANK YOU KAT!!  Thank you Somerset Middle School. Thank you from all the Akitas you will help with your generosity and love. ARWNY is proud to have you as friends!


Happiness Always Heather & Julius!!

"On Sept 24, our wonderful volunteer Heather Hauser marries the man of her dreams, Julius Steiner, in Philadelphia.  Always keeping ARWNY in her heart, Heather is having a "charity wedding" wanting any gifts sent to ARWNY or -- as Julius is also a charity volunteer for MANNA in Philadelphia (, gifts sent there. They decided to ask for gifts to their favorite charities instead of gifts for themselves -- truly showing what devoted volunteers they are!!  Heather said: "I tried to combine the cause Julius supports, MANNA, by using the wheat grass symbolism, and put the dog paw prints swaying to incorporate ARWNY.....I thought most people would not get the metaphor but most of my responses tell me that people are truly touched and have never received a wedding invite like this. They are shocked to realize that people can do a "charity" wedding."
Leave it to our creative Heather to come up with such a loving and thoughtful idea!!!  Both humans and our beloved rescue Akitas will benefit from this and no one will have a more loving start to married life, than these two totally unselfish volunteers -- their union will be a lasting one of commitment and devotion to each other. ARWNY is proud that Heather is an ARWNY family member -- we all wish Julius & Heather every happiness possible!!!"

If you choose to send a gift to ARWNY, use the button below!


On August 11, Ben had his eye surgery thanks to the many generous donors who helped ARWNY raise the funds needed. Dr. Jeff Berman, from Ft. Washington Veterinary Hospital, removed both eyes and Ben can now live pain free  for the rest of his days! We cannot thank Dr. Jeff, his vet techs, and all his staff at Fort Washington Veterinary Hospital enough for their kindness and special care. Thanks also to his guardian angel foster families -- Carla and the Dimon family! We will post more as Ben recuperates. Today he is 1 day post surgery and Dr. Jeff will see him in one week. THANK YOU ALL for bringing some happiness to this kind soul who so deserved out help! To read all of Ben's story, continue below!

Arizona, Ben, & Jo meeting Carla with Ben!

Arizona saying good luck to her best buddy Ben!

Our wonderful Ms. Carla taking Ben!

Dr. Jeff greets his next patient -- Gentle Ben!!

Ben comfortable during surgery!

Surgery almost done!

Dr. Jeff and staff with Ben post-surgery!

Ben post-op and feeling a bit better!!

Ben's new friend Bolana is 12 and raised funds for his surgery with Project AID (Akitas in Distress)!!

One week after surgery, Ben gets his sutures removed and Dr. Jeff says he is doing FABULOUS!!!


Gentle BEN -- Blind Yet More Sighted Than Most

Sometimes, the blind see better than those with sight.

Sometimes, our heart can overcome obstacles even though broken.

Sometimes, what starts out as the worst of the worst, can become the best of the best!

Sometimes -- just sometimes -- the one who needs the most help is the one who gives you so much including a reason to carry on.

At ARWNY, that "SOMETIMES" is reflected in our newest dog in need -- BEN! Gentle Ben has had the worst of the worst -- living in an Arkansas puppymill with "inadequate" housing and allowed to suffer with glaucoma and PRA with no help. But through it all, this 6-8 year old gentle giant of a dog maintained the true Akita dignity and the true spirit of love! Any kind hand is given a lick, a tail wag, and the thanks for the smallest of kindness.

Ben now needs us all -- he needs to have his eyes removed to lessen the pain of advanced glaucoma and secondary PRA and to be treated for several tick borne diseases. Yes, we know -- he is a senior. HMMM I wonder if my dad at 86 would want to hear "sorry you are too old for our care!" Ben may be old in years, but he is young in spirit and after all the heartache he has had in his life, wouldn't it be nice for us to offer him some kindness and take away his pain in his remaining years? Ben is with the Dimon family who will foster him until he is healed and ready for his new home. We ask you to join in our efforts to help this kind boy! You can read more about his story that involved MANY people's help from the HSUS to the littlest of them -- young 10 year old Arizona Dimon who reads a bedtime story each night to her new friend, Ben.

To read about Ben, here is the most recent interview done by the United Animal Nations.

THEN if you want to show you care, send something for Ben's operations and rehab! We can guarantee you it is worth it. And remember -- sometimes the smallest of gifts can reap the biggest of rewards! The smile from Ben will make your year complete and your heart soar -- sometimes a dollar can give you a dream come true!


SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Sean & Ridley Carla Boyd Joann Dimon Elea Warf
April Paonessa Erica Beck Jan Pavloski Cecille Juresko
From Tica, Kema, and Roscoe may you find a loving home! Rosemary Spaziani Packer Marketing Associates Betty Krevics
Annette Amsel, Zacky-Pooh and Lillie-Sky Candi Campbell Julie Ellis
In Honor of Stacey & Stephen's Birthdays!
Barb Rochow at Civil Service Test Prep
Paul Lavoie Valerie Merrill Donald Grant Bernadette Durman
Mountain Orchids Grace Ramus Brad, Kendra, and Shadow Sykes Bolana Fuge-Hary
Soraya Sulaiman Wayne Lussier Terry Dambinskas

More of Gentle Ben's Story

 Ben is a 135 pound gentle, blind male Akita who lived his life in a Commercial breeding facility in Paris, Arkansas. In March, the HSUS was called in to a puppymill raid that removed over 350 animals from a life of misery. Ben was one of the dogs removed. For years Ben lived blind in a cage, he never knew the life our own pets know, he only knew life in a small cage that he could barely stand up in. When the director of the HSUS got to Ben, he was taken by this massive Akitas gentle nature, after years of living in filthy conditions, and without a loving touch, Ben was still gentle and forgiving to humans. 

Ben the day he left the puppymill!

Below is a quote from the humane officer who removed Ben from his cage.
"I was also moved by the rescue of another dog who was nearer to the end of life. We came upon a senior Akita who had lived out his entire existence in a wire run with a concrete floor and nothing else. This massive 150-pound-dog was blind... Many dogs faced with such an existence would become aggressive, but this dog was as gentle as a lamb. As we removed him from his run he hugged the ground with his body, refusing to leave his small prison for fear of the unknown. After years of neglect we have given him the opportunity to experience kindness and comfort in his final years."

Ben with Joan his transporter!

NOW: Even though Ben is blind, he still remains confident, he is not afraid of being in new places or meeting new people. Ben is outgoing and handles the pain of his blindness better than expected. Below is a link to a blog that will tell you about Ben and the horrible conditions this Akita has had to endure for years in a commercial breeding facility. We are hoping that once we get Ben fully healthy, we can then find this gorgeous and sweet Akita a forever home. Ben thanks you for your kindness and so do we. If you feel your able to give Ben a home with a cat, yes Ben adores cats, and no other dogs please click Adoption Form to apply.

I can use your help to get me pain free!

YOU DID IT!!!!!!

Can you believe it? After all she was through, our little Wish was fully rehabbed in the loving arms of the Dimon family! And what a beauty she turned out to be -- well she always was a beauty inside but look at her transformation outside!! But there was one family who was a previous adopter of ARWNY's own Petee who saw through the exterior and said they wanted Wish -- from day one, first glance, they wanted her! And so Wish went to her new home and is adjusting remarkably well. Robin and Rob and Petee and Wish are one big happy family forever and ever! NOW THAT IS A HAPPY ENDING!!!!

Yes this is Wish on her matching bed with her canine brother Petee!

And Wish meets new mom Robin!!

And foster dad Matt (left) introduces Wish to new dad Rob!!


It started with an email from a very caring ACO who had found a stray Akita in DEPLORABLE condition! well honestly we get these emails so often I thought maybe it really wasn't that bad. But when I viewed the pictures, I realized this was indeed a case of BEYOND DEPLORABLE condition.

 This poor female was only 46 pounds and was severely dehydrated -- needing 5 bags of fluids! She was in the ACO's estimation starving and probably running loose for several years. Luckily this caring ACO found her! The ACO and the staff named her WISH because they felt she had been wishing for someone to care enough to help and she must be wishing for a better life because her will to live is STRONG!

The ACO did some investigation and found -- YES AGAIN -- this dog was microchipped to the Hunte Corporation who sells MANY, MANY, MANY Akita puppies to pet stores in our area among others. When the ACO contacted Hunte Corp., they offered the date of birth and color of the Akita found! Well my thoughts here are for another day and another fight. Right now we need to focus on Wish and her rehab.

Turns out Wish is 8.5 years of age. The ACO uses a local Vet office for stray holds and Wish was in good hands. Further tests found she had sarcoptic mange, was lyme positive, but luckily HW negative and fecal negative. Wish needed hand feeding at first but she gained strength steadily. She was able to be moved to ARWNY and is now in the loving hands of our queen of fosters -- Joann. Wish will be there for some time getting much needed rehab and recovery. Then she will need a forever, permanent, loving home where she will never fear for food or safety.


This wonderful dog needs us now and ARWNY begs you will reach deep and send whatever you can to help cover vet expenses, recovery, and rehab for Wish. Please help us to save this deserving soul -- Wish needs you now more than ever!!
Help ARWNY to not let her down!

SPECIAL THANKS to the following donors:

Anita Palmer Tracy England Silvertooth Traders Tamira Thayne
Dawn Martinos Sharyl Greco Terri Willis Adelyn Patuto
Britain Hill Britt Caras Paul Scarlett Helene Rachlin
Sue Mincemoyer-Gray Elea Warf Dena Riccardi Lynne Kelley
Christina Bundenthal Marlena Fuge Pat Sands Charlene Gischel
e. Sarah Baker Jan Pavloski Grace Ramus Michelle Link
Ron Wozniak Paul Lavoie Carine Curley Kim McNulty
Polly Sack Mike Dunning Rona Nardone William Gardner
Joey Campbell Sharon Fung for Sinjin Russell Day Leonard Luba
Rosa Alves Donna Leister  Technology Associates & Alliances (TAA) Catherine Phillips
Pat Gadde Carla Barbicas Camille Carraway Sharon Roble
Louise DiCairano Debbie Learn Alchon Donna White Joan Stone
Michelle Bajdek Ralph & Jo Wolstenholme
In Memory of Muzzy
Barbara Pinney Karen Sunshine
Hollie Walker Keith Venezia Anna Geortler Christine Barbaro!!
Deidre & Mike Kennedy

Auction Supporters

You all helped to give Wish a chance!!

Thank you so much for caring.


 Nancy Lamm


For an update on Wish, click Wish

Help Needed from Akita Fancy

Boy, we hate to ask -- we know how bad things are all over for everyone in this economy. But we have a case that is causing us to reach out to the Akita community for help because we have to.

Sadly ARWNY is drowning in boarding bills due to a new case that involved 4 adult dogs that were bred & owned by a well known breeder handler. The 4 surviving dogs were seized when the fifth dog (an old female) was found frozen to death in the snow by a passing construction worker.

The other four were humanely seized by the local SPCA and then surrendered by the breeder when contacted. All needed complete vetting and one boy got very sick in the shelter but has since recovered fully after much care. They are simply gorgeous Akitas with super temperaments that could have been finished champions in the right hands.

If you can spare some money for a fellow Akita fanciers' dogs who fell on hard times, we could use the help since we are paying daily for kenneling space for these Akitas. You can see them on our ARWNY Available Akitas page (click link) -- just look for Athena, Zeus, and Romulus.

If you can help with donations towards their vet bills & kenneling bills, you can use the PayPal button below to donate or feel free to send a check to

PO Box 428
East Amherst, NY 14051

Or maybe you know of someone who would consider adopting or fostering one of them -- they are now altered, vetted, healthy, and doing well. All are here in NJ, at a great kennel who is giving us a break on kennel costs but its still breaking the bank for us in rescue to pay the boarding bills when we have so many others also in need of our help.

Thanks for reading and for any help you can give!!

(From left to right: Athena, Romulus, and Zeus -- click any picture to read their bio)


Every once in a while a special dog comes your way that tugs just a little harder at those heart strings -- one who you want to champion that dog's cause and help just a little more. Cassidy was such a dog for ARWNY. She came shot and injured and we nursed her back to health. Needless to say she was dog aggressive and was adopted with a big note on the contract that she was dog aggressive and could not live peacefully with another dog. Well sadly the adopters felt they knew better and did just the opposite getting another dog. When the other dog was injured in an unsupervised, home alone with no humans dog fight, well it was Cassidy who lost her home. And WHY???? Because the home chose to NOT listen to those who do know just a bit more about the dog that was adopted. We secured our girl back and well -- she was just the same sweet, people loving dog we knew. The dog aggression was very manageable -- she could be kenneled and by other dogs -- just not living with them. Fortunately our special girl left yesterday for her new FOREVER home! Our darling Cassidy waited and waited for the best home possible and now she has it. Joe & Jeanie Klein loved her picture & adored her even more in person!! Cassidy has a forever home in NJ with a wonderful family, this time for KEEPS!!

Joe and Jeanie and your whole extended family who came to meet our special girl -- WELCOME to the ARWNY family, and Cassidy -- you found true gold this time our special girl with people who understand the breed and your special needs! We love you -- and come to visit!!

Annual ARWNY Akita Picnic/Fun Day

THANKS TO ALL WHO CAME!!!!! To the left is world renowned Forrest who was one of the star Akitas in the Hachiko movie with Richard Gere. He insisted on giving PAWPRINT AUTOGRAPHED PICTURES to those who donated to ARWNY!! What a fun day it was and so good to see so many Akita lovers and former ARWNY dogs. WOW you guys made our hearts sing with how good the dogs looked and how happy!

And the costume contest this year made me laugh and laugh! The costumes were just FANTASTIC!!!!!

AND CONGRATULATIONS to the 14 new CGC title holders!

The Animal Planet filming was a hoot and the show will be on November 29 at 8 PM on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 program!! Make sure you watch!

Thank you all for the kind words and the happy smile. ARWNY loves you all and so hope we see you again next year!!
Picnic Pictures Picnic Video Raffle Results


Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) affects us all -- breeders, pet owners, adopters, dog lovers -- ALL OF US! Akitas are one of the targeted breeds. Please watch this video and become aware of the BSL problem and help us fight the cause!

Click BSL Video button to see the video if the video below does not play on your screen after clicking the Play button!!
You may need Media Player installed on your computer. If so, download  Windows Media Player 10 by clicking the button below.


(To watch the video, download Windows Media Player 10)

For more information on fighting BSL, please review the following Web site put together by Linnea Shirley,
author of the video (which does proudly feature three adopted ARWNY Akitas)!



ARWNY has taken on the care of a very sad neglect case.  More will be posted, along with pictures, on our website but the gist of it is this: JuJu was given up when his owner lost his housing in NYC.  He was taken to a shelter (see picture on left for shelter picture) & pulled out by an all-breed group right before ARWNY's rep got there to take him out. This group then put him into foster care (after several bad placements first) while he was healthy and weighed 85 lbs. 2 months later, he was rushed to the vet clinic in NYC weighing only 42 lbs, emaciated, dehydrated, unable to walk without falling, and certainly on the brink of death (see picture on right). 

 This case has shaken all of us to our core. None moreso that our VP Kathy who did this video in honor of all those abused, neglected,  starved, and abandoned Akitas that deserved to be helped when their owners weren't loyal to them.  Click the button  to see the film.

Thank you everyone for your support!!! 
If you wish to donate towards JuJu's enormous vet bill, please click the button below.


Many of you have asked to be updated on our Juju that was starved down to 40 pounds and left to die in CT,
when ARWNY stepped in to save this beautiful fellow.

Right now Juju is a whooping 87 pounds! Looking buff and has really come around. Juju has had a few ups and downs medically, however, it does not stop him from enjoying a good time with his foster family in the snow and a toy! ARWNY thanks Joann and Matt and Max and Arizona for providing the love to get JuJu physically healthy -- emotionally he will need more time to trust again.


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