Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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IN 2009!!
64 IN 2008!! 68 DOGS IN 2007!! 88 DOGS IN 2006!! AND 93 IN 2005!!!
UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Dakota and Raku enjoying a balmy day in Buffalo!! UPDATE: And who is this? It is our Mori! Yes life looks so hard for her now that she ahs her own throne!!
UPDATE: And who is this? This is my precious Sassy who survived a horrid puppymill to find true love with mom Susan! She is 12.5 years young and going strong!! AND OUR FIRST ADOPTION OF THE YEAR -- Athena!! Life doesn't get much better than this -- dumped to freeze and starve to death by her breeder/handler. And now -- a chance at happiness and love and a home that treasures her for the treasure she is!! Athena and Peggy -- enjoy your new life!!
Our second adoption of the year was precious little Spud!! And our third was beautiful Fergie!! The Cabrel family had a long ride but it was well worth it when they met Fergie! 
Spirit waited 11 months for the right "Mommy" to come for him & she did, all the way from CA!  Thank you Linda!! Love has no boundaries for Ben when he found his forever home with Gregory!!
UPDATE: Look how happy our little Sasha is in her new home! NOW THIS is what rescue is all about!! It was no mystery when Randy & Pat met our Mistique and knew she was the one for them! 
Beans is so happy to have found such a caring mom as Kira and canine sister as Sasha!! Jan & Ray knew they met their match when they met our Myssy!
Lois and her daughter knew when they met Maximus it was a match made in heaven. For Tenshi, it was a match made in heaven! Karen took one look and that was it -- home he went!
It didn't take long for Mike and Heidi and Mojo to decide they were meant for each other! Happy long life to all! When Tessa met our Bubbie Boy she knew they would be best friends!
A forever friendship was born when Christian met our sweet girl Jade :) The snow storms did not hold back Jerry & Cynthia from falling for our Lyra!
FINALLY our Belle found her true forever loving home with her old friend BayBay and mom Elena!!

UPDATE: Our precious Hanako is doing great at the young age of 10! Mom Melissa and her Hana are such a great pair!
The Bezduch family took one look at Polaris and KNEW he was meant for them. Look at those smiles! Many happy years and enjoy your ARWNY canine sister Hannah! Tina & David did not let the storm stop them from giving Big Mack his forever home
Roxy was so fortunate to find her forever home with ARWNY canine brother Mako and the Bowles family! True love at first sight! Many happy years to all! It was a long time coming but our Ranny stole the hearts of Sharon & Rick!!!
The Robert's Family was complete when they met our Miyuki! Carol found her new best friend Kathy the Akita right here at ARWNY!!
UPDATE: WAY TO GO DUSTER!! Look how wonderful and happy after the TLC from mom Jackie and dad Tom! Keep on smiling! It took Don no time at all to know what wonderful dogs Nakita & Cowboy are! They went to their new home and are settled right in!
Jim & April gave Kako the chance at a new life and started them on a life with Akitas! The James family knew a great dog when they saw her and Kyota has joined this loving family!!
UPDATE: AWWWW this one warms your heart -- Shiloh so happy and comfy that mom Helene had to share! UPDATE: Kimba you look FABULOUS! Garel & Nancy you have made that smile on her face. Not bad for a senior!
Big Luna found her new home with Paul who saw what a true beauty she was from the inside out!! UPDATE: Our Sachi and Tomo have the best family possible who have worked through adding two gorgeous children, torn cruciates, and bloat! And through it all -- they smile and say how blessed they are to have adopted these two wonderful companions and family members! Now how beautiful is that!
UPDATE: Our precious Aurora -- now Asia -- has grown into a true beauty who adores her family with Cindy and the grandkids! I am so happy for all! UPDATE: And now our Fergie shows how spoiled and loved she is with dad Mike and family! Enjoy -- every Akita deserves this!
Katherine has many happy days ahead now that she has found our Tuck :) Piper sure was happy to meet her new family with Mom Ginny and Dad Bob!! Thanks Isaac for guiding us!
Look at those smiles! Yes our Little Luna -- now Tsuki -- is happy and well loved with Carol and Ed! We could not be happier! Mike was taken with the first kiss! He knew Kina would have to live with him after that and we all are so happy!
UPDATE: Oh boy can we say daddy's little girl? Didn't take Piper long (now called Sookie) to wrap her big paws around daddy's heart! UPDATE: Can we say happiness! Our Buddy sure can after he went to live with the Lubow family and has never looked back! THIS is what rescue is all about -- rags to riches and love!
WOW can we say true love! JoJo Eunice wanted a dog for a therapy dog and would put a title on him. JoJo will be heading to the obedience ring as well for titles! WOOHOO Team JoJo & Eunice make us proud! Sakura found her new loving home with the Atwells! It was a magical moment and love at first sight! Many happy years to all!
Asami waited a long time for the home SHE wanted and when Laura showed up, it was OK THIS IS IT! Asami adopted Laura and all was a done deal! Many happy years! JACKPOT! And that is for both -- Paul and Rice/Kenjai were the perfect match and the bond was instantaneous!
Cassi finally found the perfect home with Liz and Jeff who will provide the training and love and exercise our jumping bean needs! Many happy years! Jersey Boy found his home where he will be the crowned prince with Mike and Bernadette! Long, happy life to all!
Pixie finally found happiness with the Olivio family from NY, who saw her inner beauty & loved her for being so sweet! Zeus -- you could not have found a better place! Your forever home is with our own ARWNY board members Jenn and Kathy and Justin! We could not be more thrilled!
Fumiko is now living the country life up in MAINE so she's a very happy girl! UPDATE: AND JUST LOOK! Our little miss Bella with mom and dad who just announced their engagement and upcoming July wedding! Can we say a picture perfect happy ending? Congrats to all!
UPDATE: Kina -- the girl found frozen in a snow bank on a chain is enjoying the good life. Here she hikes Akron Falls Park with dad Mike!!

UPDATE: Barkley LOVES his new life with Brenda and Jack and feels blessed to also have Caleb (top) and Mark (bottom) as his grand-baby friends!

Bear waited a long time but found the home of his dreams with Brian and his new Shiba sister! When Alan & Toby met ARWNY'S Kathy they knew it was love at first site !!
The Fijalkowski family has waited over a year for the right puppy and just knew Sparkle was it when they read her story! Sparkle is a lucky girl to land in this home -- no more sad stories for her!! Diamond (AKA Diaya) went to her new home with mom Camille and dad Terry and big brother Max -- also an ARWNY boy! Live a long, happy life!!
UPDATE: Our Rice, now called Ice, enjoys a meet and greet at the kennel with Max -- another adopted Akita who lives with Camille! Both came to meet potential companions! Gotta love former adopters!  This time Mizzy is the lucky one -- the Kanzleiters & their male Akita Ronin just couldn't see past Mizzy's hidden beauty & home she went to PA with them!
The Ketters and their wonderful dog Sheila where a perfect fit for our Kuma! Do Akitas adopt their owners? You bet ya! Koda adopted George! Koda knew a good thing when he saw it! Jumped in his truck and would not leave!
Kuma said Gary was the dad she wanted! Many happy years! Our little Matheo found true love and a forever home with his new best buddy, George!
Maxie found the love of her life with Jackie where she now can be a pampered princess in her golden years! The Sullivan's found their new best friend Hudson right here at ARWNY!
Lovey hit the jackpot! After months of rehab with Chez Dimon, they just could not let each other go! So Lovey gets to stay forever with the only family that ever loved her! Now this is truly a happy ending! Off our big boy Merlin goes with the Casale Family & Ms. Samantha, I think it was love at first site!
Tally found that even at his age of 11, people want you! His beloved owner died and he ended up in a kill shelter. But happy endings do come and he found one with his new home and mom Michelle! It was a match made in heaven when Jonna & Howard laid eyes on their little (ahem!) angel Diablo!
Gene & Carol chose just one very special akita named Zeke  when they visited ARWNY! If they did not, they would have adopted them al!! Coutrney and Nate said no distance is to far to meet the right Akita when they met our Matsui!
The Baseheart Family knew the moment they laid eyes on ARWNY's Hero he belonged to them! Romulus has waited a long time for the perfect home but he did find it with the Dimon Family!
Rick and Rayne will share a life of love and joy now that they have added our sweet Kissy to the family! Joe knew it was friendship that will last a life time when he met our Nitro
After two years of searching the McBee Family found the perfect fit for their home with ARWNY's gal Jayda The Schwartz Family could not be happier giving our Kita a home for the holidays! 

UPDATE: The Takacs family sent a picture of Sadie and Jacoby at Christmas! It sure warms the heart! Our precious Nicholas (who endeared himself to us all because he so was like my Nicholas who inspired the creation of ARWNY) got the home of his dreams with the Kretschmar Family..they adored each other! NOW this IS a Happy New Year!
The Symer family wanted to start the new year off with a new companion for their family and choose lucky Savannah!! LOOK BACK OFTEN TO SEE WHO IS ADOPTED NEXT!!


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