Meet some of the wonderful Akitas we have known, loved and placed......
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68 DOGS IN 2007!! 88 DOGS IN 2006!! AND 93 IN 2005!!!
Our FIRST adoption of 2011 goes to Bonsai! Matt & Angela drove many miles to meet their perfect match ARWNY'S Bonsai!  Our SECOND adoption of 2011 goes to Roxie!! Robert, Angela & Miles have welcomed ARWNY'S Roxie into their loving home!
Our THIRD adoption goes to Sachi who waited almost a year to the day for her forever home with the wonderful Grazio Family!!  The Urwand family just could not resist welcoming our beautiful Saki into to their forever home! 
Travis traveled a distance to find his new best buddy Samurai right here with ARWNY!! 

Many happy days are ahead for Nino & Lynn now that they have their new pal Cooper! THIS is an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS adoption as poor Cooper waited so long for someone to really see his beauty inside!

Paulette and Norm opened their hearts and home to our special boy Easy! Many happy years together! Jeff found his new friend TP and many years of happiness are to come!
Noelle went to her new home with the MacAlpin family -- many years of joy coming your way! After the MacLean Family lost their Akita, they thought they would never find another until they met our girl Sincere who stole their hearts.
The Mentel family could not wait to share their loving home with Thor and he couldn't get into their truck fast enough! Ingrid, Mike, and canine brother Denali were in love at first sight with our Poca AKA Blossom! Long, happy life to all!
LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!! Miss Judy I am so happy to have worked with Taz, Nikko, and KoKo to get you this newest baby Zo! NOW your heart is healed! Many happy days ahead my dear friend! Yoshi found the home of her dreams with the Hable family!! Can we say fun -- sure will be an active and loving home!
The Duckworth family said Tomadachi was the dog of their dreams! I think the feeling was mutual! Enjoy! AND THIS HOME -- all I can say is WOW! Boss and Jo -- we could not be more happy! Hope you have many MANY years of joy!

The Ewald family could not be happier! Baby Muttley is helping to heal many broken hearts! Our best buddy went home with Jeff today. Hudson you will be missed by the Dimon's -- you have shown how special of a pup you really were.
Baby Bits AKA Maisey went to her new home with the Flamisch family! Best part, she lives next door to Muttley her brother! Smiles everyone!!

UPDATE: Mom Janet could not be more pleased with boy Jasper!! Now this is how we want to see every dog! You can just feel the happiness and love!
The Fisher Family are all smiles now that they have found Nala right here at ARWNY!  YES we know -- A ROTTIE? Well Miss Diamond is sight impaired and her best friend Vayden the Rottie helps her see. So we could not split them up! They are off to their personal mountaintop estate to be loved on for eternity with my personal bestest friends Barb and Gram! Enjoy your lives together!!
Yumi found the best of the best with Nancy and Garel! They had our Kimba before and we all think Kimba sent Yumi just for them. Many happy years!! This is what friendship is all about! Rafa lost his mom Jackie Costello when she passed on but her dear friend Nancy took him in as a special tribute to her! We know Jackie is smiling on all from above and thanks to Nancy for opening her heart tot his senior boy!
Baby Alaina found her forever home with her new family -- the Neavins! Smiles for all! Makoto -- one of the Long Island 9 -- found his new best friend with Rob! Many happy years to come!
MARA waited a long time but always knew her Lisa was out there and would come! Enjoy your new life together! WELL WELL -- Chez Dimon just could not find a home for their special boy -- why -- because they couldn't let him go! Loved him too much so Okami is now Okami Dimon!! Now I ask you, did we NOT see that coming??
BRAVO BARB!!! She had guidance from "ARWNY Biggie Fries" who wanted her happy when eh passed and to celebrate his life, Barb adopted both Ginger and Diego!! They were all one heart! Forever!! UPDATE: Can we say -- WOW! Our Jasper at Christmas -- guess he is one happy camper with mom Janet!
UPDATE: AND WOW AGAIN!! Look at Little Princess Nikka -- 12 years young and simply GORGEOUS!! Nancy her mom says she is just the best! Kelley was guided to Beethoven by her beloved Baron. NOW we can see the magic and the smiles! So good to see happiness again!

UPDATE: Jama sent these great shots of her two companions Dakota and Raku! So big and happy -- what we all love seeing.

UPDATE: Here is an updated picture of Athena (former member of ARWNY).  Adopted in January, 2010.  Her new mom, Peg, says she just gets prettier every day. Direct from Peg: "Athena is just a love and we hope she is as happy as she makes us. Anyone looking to acquire a pet should consider rescue, and then should absolutely consider adopting a senior!"
UPDATE: Our Queen Nikkei celebrated her 10th birthday with pat and Paul! Yes she had lobster for an appetizer and then smoked chicken! Can we say spoiled!! AND why not, the queen deserves her due and we could not be happier! UPDATE: AWWW look at Yumi with her new best friend! Nancy and Garel could not be happier knowing their is harmony in their home.
Larry found his new home with Bob who had several ARWNY dogs! Eddie Epps and his family adopted Emi to be Toku's (a previous ARWNY dog) companion!!!  YEAH!! 
Jaydora knew when she met Jake, she had a brother to love -- the Mastromano family knew when they met her, they had another Akita to love!  HAPPY ENDINGS for everyone!!
Chance got his chance at true love when Kelley came to take home Beethoven's brother after Beethoven passed on. THIS was truly a happy ending!
Georgia found the home of her dreams with former adopters Debbie and Steve!! We could not ask for a better home and this one is also for Jackie Costello -- Georgia is the last of the Davens Akitas we rescued in her honor. Matheo found the perfect family with Judy & Gordon! Many happy years!!
Kate found her forever home with Bob where she is truly loved. MANY, MANY happy years!!

Mai Tai -- the mom of the LI9 puppies, found her forever home with Frank -- it was love at first sight and what she waited so long to find -- true happiness!

Rick & Venus together on adoption day -- her new name is Noelle & Rick hasn't stopped smiling all day, I think he's very happy -- I KNOW Venus/Noelle is very happy!! She waited almost a year for Rick -- now she will know what contentment is! Bear went from a horrid puppymill to the arms of love and is so happy to have his new Dalandan family! Everyone is just beaming! AND ARWNY loves repeat adopters!! Always part of the family!

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