Pat Sands -- Online and Present

bulletItem #01 – Insignia 32" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV with DVD Built-In: With the cool weather approaching there is nothing better than snuggling up and watching your favorite movies on your new color 32" flat-panel HDTV with your best Akita buddy, who will surely share your hot buttered popcorn with you! AND it includes a built-in DVD player so watching movies is even more simple than ever! This item is going to have a big draw so please purchase your tickets well in advance!

(Donated in Honor of The ARWNY Seniors) Value $550

Gordon Dreher-- Online

bulletItem #02 – Jersey Shore Stay-cation!!: HOLY COW -- this gives a whole new meaning to the "jersey Girls" theme! ready for some fun? Here you go!!

  • 5 All Day passes to Breakwater Park, Seaside Heights, NJ (145.00)
  • 100 ride tickets for the Casino Pier (50.00) Seaside Heights, NJ
  • 50.00 -WaWa gift card (Food /Gas)
  • 1 day of free Akita baby sitting with the Dimon's :)  (Priceless)

 (Donated by The Dimon Family)  Value $PRICELESS!!!

Erica Peters -- Online

bullet Item #03 - 12" Statue and Picture: This statue is really cute...and rarely found. This Akita is made up a heavy cement substance, created by a skilled artist, with close attention to detail. The figurine is much more beautiful than in the picture. Measures: Approx. 12" long. Really this conversational piece will work just about anywhere. So rev up your decor with this cool decorator item.

AND to help capture that true Akita spirit this statue exhibits as does our beloved breed, this 11 x 17" black framed art says it all!!

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

(Donated in Honor of Gentle Ben)  Value $275


Linda Knapp -- Present

bulletItem #04 –  Dog Fan: This decorative portable fan brings fashion, function and funky fun to the dog-friendly home or office. A cool blend of art and technology, it's handcrafted of sheet metal and wire mesh with an attractive coppery patina. 6' cord with in-line on/off switch. UL Listed. 17 1/2" high x 8" wide.

(Donated in Honor of Nic, Vic, Micah, and Emmie) Value $100


Cheryl Burns -- Present

bulletItem #05 – Steel Crate: Heavy-duty crate provides a safe, secure haven for your pet, with many convenient features for you. Easy access includes a large front door that swings up and out of the way just like an overhead garage door, top opening and two side doors. Built-in wheels and handle for easy moving from room to room; rounded corners; locking latches; insulated base. Molded-plastic construction with heavy-gauge steel grids. Folds flat and sets up in seconds. Color: Sage. Size: L (42"L x 28"W x 31"H).

(Donated in Honor of Zeus, Athena, and Romulous)  Value $170


Barbara Rochow -- Online and Present

bulletItem #06 – Akita Baker in the Kitchen: What does your best friend love most? Yes homemade treats made with your Akita apron and all natural treat recipe you will be baking away in your doggie paw print cookie tray in no time! And to make sure they are perfectly done, your Akita timer will tick away the time!! After you are done, you can cool those treats on this gorgeous Corain Akita cutting board -- an ARWNY exclusive!! AND THEN keep all of those yummy treats in this antique styled dog catcher truck . "Gosh this is really how I caught my husband..."

(Donated by The ARWNY Girls) Value $220


Sue Mincemoyer Gray -- Online

bulletItem #07 – JP TEEZ COLLECTION -- Pam and Judy sent not one but two gorgeous, unique items for this raffle!

Copper Akita Windchime:
I cannot describe in words how lovely this piece is. Made with high end cooper, add to that beautiful crystals that when infused with light turn into a radiant beam. You just have got to see this. Hang it near a window and be in for a special treat every time while listenting to the meoldic tunes of the chimes!

Akita "Swingers"
Made of iron, this Akita pendulum swings silently, and would be a wonderful addition to the home or office. Item measures 1 foot in height and is set on an iron balancing platform. The movement is very relaxing and brings peace and joy while watching!

(Donated by JP Teez)  Value $150


Gordon Dreher -- Online

bullet Item #08 – Akita Parking Group: For all of you who truly love Akitas, this group is for you! This beautiful Akita statue is a soothing sight sure to be the sentry and make sure only Akita Lovers park by your house! And to make sure the world knows, the special Akita license plate holder is sure to spread the word. Then for those cold winter months a Totes ice scrapper Mitt and large Akita tee to warm that heart!

 (Donated in Honor of All ARWNY VOLUNTEERS)  Value $150


Florence Leone -- Online and Present

bulletItem #09 – Akita Outdoors Basket: Let the world know that the Akita holds a special place in your heart. This basket gives you all you need to broadcast outdoors your love of Akitas. Includes:

  • Spoiled Rotten Akita wooden post for the yard

  • Akita Garden Flag with holder

  • Xl-L Total control dog collar

  • XL Fido rain coat with detachable hood - Simple Gorgeous!

 (Donated in Memory of Gracie)  Value $110


Madeleine Smith -- Online

bulletItem #10 – Photo Combo Collection --  I SEE YOU!! Yes never let your Akita out of your sight!

  • Pets Eye view Camera ($70.00)

  • 7" Digital Photo frame ($140.00)

  • 8x10 special Akita graphic mat for your favorite Akita picture with saying "I don't wanna, I don't hav'ta, I'm an Akita!" (Priceless)

(Donated in Honor of Beloved Artemis)  Value Simply Unbelievable!!

Melinda Harbaugh -- Online

bulletItem #11 – HOME SWEET AKITA HOME -- this collection includes:

NEW Design Akita Tapestry Throw to Keep You Toasty:
WEAVED BY PURE COUNTRY. This creative canine image was created by Robert May, one of the worlds leading canine artists. The image of the Akita's head is depicted on a beige background in a lively pose. Robert prides himself on creating lifelike paintings of his subjects. This fine tapestry throw is woven with a variety of cotton threads to display true woven art in an heirloom quality throw. These tapestries are of exceptional quality!! Size: 54" X 54"

AND STILL MORE -- 8x10 picture frame "Its more like home when you live with a Akita", an Akita book by BJ Andrews, and a Akita notecards!!

(Donated in Honor of Kathy Dewees & Matt Dimon both rehabbing from ortho surgeries!!) Value $150


Judy Fiedorwicz -- Present

bulletItem #12 – OH LA LA A SPA!! -- this special basket has all you need to enjoy that special "YOU" day of relaxing bliss!

Spa Sense Bath Set gift basket (13 lbs)
Wild Fig and Sage

Bath powder
Body Spray
Hand soap
Bath Caviar
Bath Salt
Body Lotion
Cream Bath
Bath Soak
Soap Dispenser
Fragrance Pillow
Soap dish
Note Book

 (Donated in Honor of Abby and "Brindle Boy")  Value $150

Melissa Young -- Online

bulletItem #13 – Canine Cooler Bed and Cover: Tile and cement floors are cool, but cruel—they're hard on joints causing calluses and worsening existing health conditions. This unique pad utilizes Soothsoftฎ Comfort Technology, fluid-cool memory foam that effectively soothes pain, swelling, stress on your dog's pressure points, hip and elbow dysplasia, discomforts of aging, ailments and injuries. Simply activate with water and this pad provides cooling relief at room temperature. Veterinarian recommended: nontoxic, gel- and chemical-free. Durable, medical grade vinyl cover wipes clean. Color: Cool Blue. Size:  L (36" x 48").

Canine Cool Cover
Accessorize your Canine Cooler(R) without compromising performance. Attractive cover in decorator color has snug corner flaps to hold it smoothly in place. Perma-press cotton/poly broadcloth. Machine washable. Color: Claret. Size: L (36" x 48").

(Donated in Honor of Carla Boyd)  Value $200


Nicholas Greco -- Online

bulletItem #14 – Akita Diva Collection:  DIVAS UNITE!! This collection is for you! A beautiful XL Akita Sweat Shirt is included along with a beautiful gold toned Akita pin. But the piece de resistance is an "Akita Bitch Lives Here" announcement in a silver beveled frame. Our properties must be protected!!

OH and since DIVAS never have enough jewelry, this sensational Raku bracelet. Look closer and you will see a fired Gold Akita adorned on the large front stone. This is a very unique bracelet just like the diva who will be wearing it.  In turquoise color Raku beads.

 (Donated by Arizona and Max) Value $300


Grace Ramus-- Online

bulletItem #15 – Celebrate Life's Adventures: For whatever celebration you choose, this basket includes something for everyone! A beautiful pottery blue wine carafe with 3 goblets await being filled with a full case (12 bottles) of a variety of California wines including:

  • 6 Riverview Merlot
  • 4 White Lie Chardonnay
  • 2 River view Zinfindel
  • Decanter and 3 goblets

(Donated by Dimon's Liquor Barn, Bordentown, NJ) Value $300

Sharon Roble -- Present

bulletItem #16 – Coffee Collection -- Oh yes -- nothing like that first sip of a nice hot mug of coffee! And what better than a wee touch of Bailey's to sweeten the deal! Oh yes -- enjoying this in that beautiful Akita mug -- well THIS is what a peaceful morning is all about!! Coffee set (6 lbs.) includes:

  • One French coffee press
  • One Bottle Baileys Irish Cream
  • 12 oz. San Francisco Bay French Roast Coffee beans
  • Hamilton House sugar cookies
  • Two Akita Coffee Mugs

(Donated in Honor of Abby and "Brindle Boy") Value $100

Donna Bennett -- Online and Present

bulletItem #17 – UNIQUE One of a Kind Akita Necklace:  This handmade Akita necklace is truly GORGEOUS! It is a pure silver pendant of an Akita head finished with a tarnishing patina to give it a wonderful color hue.  Then it is placed on a coordinated silk cord and just waiting to adorn your neck! The artist made only one of these so grab this unique piece while you can!!

(Donated by Melissa Cuevas) Value $250

Barbara Rochow -- Online and Present

bulletItem #18 – Groomer Basket: This will get you started for that all too frequent grooming session with your Akita!

  • 1-gallon Tangerine shampoo

  • Shedding comb

  • Hugo Boss - cologne (OK for your special helper right??)

  • 6 ft leash (polar bear print)

  • 2-cotton full size bath towels

  • Patchwork bandana

  • Nail clippers (not pictured)

  • Barbara Bouyets Book: Akita

(Donated by Jenn in Honor of Mom) Value $150


heather Hauser -- Present

bulletItem #19 – Dog Bed Basket with TOYS and Stuffed Dogs!!: This is a party waiting to happen, just think of how your Akita will react when he/she sees this huge bed with toys plied up high on it...oh boy which toy to play with first? Oh I can play with them all and would love you to join me. OR I can play with my new stuffed doggie friends!

And check out the bed, filled with poly fill with a pillow bolster where you can dream away! This bed is large, zip out fill can be replaced and cover can be washed. Very durable for your big fluffy friend.

(Donated in Honor of ARWNY's Youngest Volunteers -- Arizona & Max) Value $300

John Dimos -- Online and Present

bulletItem #20 – Akita Toy Box : Simply unbelievable!! This precious paw print white toy box comes filled with all those favorites any dog loves -- squeaky toys, pig ears, chewy bones, and toy, toys, and more toys!! Now the trick is for you to train that bright Akita of yours to put the toys back in the box when finished! If you do that, send us a video for our use! We would love it!

(Donated in Honor of ARWNY's Efforts for Many Years) Value $200


Iris Radcliff -- Online and Present

bulletItem #21 – Akita Rainbow Bridge Collection: when that day comes that we are there to honor our beloved companion and help them find peace as they cross the Rainbow Bridge, this collection is to help celebrate their life and love

  • 2 Raku Memorial Cremation Urns -- 12" urn, one-of-a-kind

  • Rainbow Bridge Poem -- explains the story of the rainbow bridge, 11" x 14", double mat, area for your pet's picture

  • Akita Statue to Guide their Path -- never alone as they await our joining them again

(Donated in Honor of All beloved Companions at the Rainbow Bridge) Value: $350

Picnic donated tickets can be secured via PayPal on the Website!
ONE Picnic ticket is donated to you for each $1.00 donated to ARWNY as follows: $1.00 Donation = 1 picnic donated ticket - 6 for each $5.00 donation - 12 for each $10.00 donation
Famous Kathy Dewees Arm Stretch for $20.00 (40 donated tickets); Round the Table for $50.00
(115 donated tickets); and Round the Booth for $100.00 (270 donated tickets)

DONATE money and be entered into a picnic drawing!! You give and the dogs benefit!!

Please use the table below to specify what items you want your donated tickets used for and how many donated tickets you would like to use for each item.

Step 1 - Select items You Want in Column 1 and Then Enter Number of Tickets for Each item in Column 2

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Item 2 –   Jersey Shore Stay-cation

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Item 3 –  12" Statue/Picture

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Item 4 –  Dog Fan

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Item 5 –   Steel Crate

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Item 6 –   Akita Baker in Kitchen

Quantity Item 6

Item 7 –   Copper Akita Windchime & Swingers

Quantity item 7

Item 8 –   Akita Parking Group

Quantity Item 8

Item 9 -   Akita Outdoors

Quantity Item 9

Item 10 – Photo Combo

Quantity Item 10

Item 11 – Akita Throw & More

Quantity Item 11

Item 12 – OH LA LA A SPA

Quantity Item 12

Item 13 – Canine Cooler Bed/Cover

Quantity Item 13

Item 14 – Akita Diva Collection

Quantity Item 14

Item 15 –  Celebrate Life's Adventures

Quantity Item 15

Item 16 – Coffee Collection

Quantity Item 16

Item 17 – Akita Necklace

Quantity Item 17

Item 18 – Groomer Basket

Quantity Item 18

Item 19 –  Dog Bed Basket

Quantity Item 19

Item 20 – Akita Toy Box

Quantity Item 20

Item 21 – Rainbow Bridge

Quantity Item 21

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Mailed donations must be received by September 18th, 2009!
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For online PayPal donations, we will accept through noon on September 19th, 2009!!
We are accepting postal mail, fax, and Paypal donations.

Akita Rescue of Western New York

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Again my thanks for your support of ARWNY.
Nancy Lamm

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